• Abu Suveran Uptider
  • Abu Suveran Uptider

Top of the range Abu uptider which is light but immensely powerful and the tip has just the right amount of give to hold in strong Mersey tides but still show bites.

The rod features Abu's Twist 'n' Lok butt which allows the handle to be extended for casting and then shortened for playing fish or to be used as a downtider.


  • Length: 9.9FT / 297cm
  • Multi-dynamic IM6 Carbon blank
  • Hi-Grade EVA handle
  • Carbon woven DPS reel seat
  • Guides: FUJI SIC
  • Number of sections: 2
  • Length Closed: 205cm
  • Rod Weight: 514g
  • Casting Weight: 5 - 10 oz

Abu Suveran Uptider

  • Brand: ABU
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