• Ogdens floatant
  • Ogdens floatant

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Ogden’s Dry Fly Floatant is a uniquely formulated dry fly & leader dressing developed for the
discerning angler.
Ogden’s Dry Fly Floatant is an inert, non-toxic, hydrophobic formulation. It is
odourless, and colourless on application whilst stable in storage over time.
Hydrophobic and with high viscosity over a wide
temperature range, Ogden’s Dry Fly Floatant will give
outstanding performance in both hot and freezing
It’s application is straightforward, and when typically applied to dry
materials will provide a hydrophobic or ‘water-fearing’ coating to the
exclusion of water molecules.
Features & Benefits
- Hydrophobic
- High Viscosity
- Low surface slick
- Low wash-out
- Colourless on application
- Odourless
- Inert & Non Toxic
- Micro-applicator 15ml bottle
- Stable properties over a wide temperature range
Directions for use
Dry Flies - first apply moderately to the main body of the dried fly working the dressing into the
materials and then outwards using fingers or the micro-applicator. Flies are ready to use
immediately although pre-application will give better results.
Leaders- apply using a small lint free pad or proprietary accessory to dry leaders.
Safety & Storage notes- this product is inert, in other words chemically inactive. Whilst it is non-toxic ,one
should take the usual precautions to avoid contact with eyes for example and it is not recommended for
human consumption. This product does not freeze and has no restrictions on storage. It has an unlimited
useful life when stored at ambient temperatures. This product is non-hazardous to water and harmless to
aquatic organisms.
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Ogdens floatant

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