• Wychwood Big Dipper
  • Wychwood Big Dipper

The 10 foot sinking tip section critically fishes your flies differently to my shorter 5ft colleague. This line matters when things get tough, but you might need both of us when you fish nymphs, buzzers, or streamers. The line is also great on rivers. Especially for fishing classic wet flies down and across and streamer fishing. I am the perfect divide between the floater and the just under fly line offering more control to fish the upper layers with nymphs and buzzers.

  • Technical Info: Presentation Taper - High Buoyancy Float Body with 10ft Just Under Tip.
  • Available in #6 & #7,
  • colour light olive

Wychwood Big Dipper

  • Brand: Wychwood
  • Product Code: WUU10
  • Availability: In Stock
  • £29.99

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