• Wychwood River & Stream 8' #4
  • Wychwood River & Stream 8' #4

The new River&Stream rods are produced using only the finest grades of carbon fibre available, delivering unrivalled lightweight blanks in incredibly slender forms with super soft casting actions. Several of the rods in this range are some of the lightest rod’s available on the global market place!


A refined blank delivery allows for ultimate precision when laying flies atop of easily spooked, wild fish… These subtle ‘put downs’ increase presentation, ultimately helping you increase your catch rate when on the rivers and stream fishing circuits of the UK.


As well as redefining casting accuracy and presentation through our unique four-piece blanks here Wychwood offer their largest ever range of rods. Offering twelve different rods in various lengths and AFTM casting weights, combating all of the popular fishing techniques that are now present in river and stream fishing.


All rods come supplied as standard with a high quality carbon/glass fibre rod storage tube in a matching, metallic rod blank finish.


• Super fine, light weight actions

• Super slender rod blanks

• Perfect for river/stream fishing

• Short-range presentation casting master-class

• Real burl, wooden reel seat

• Anodised Aluminium fittings

• Premium AAAA grade cork handle

• Carbon/Glass fibre storage tube

Wychwood River & Stream Rods from Wychwood Game on Vimeo.

Wychwood River & Stream 8' #4

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