• Heddon Chug'n Spook Jr.
  • Heddon Chug'n Spook Jr.

The Heddon Spook was the first and is still the best walk-the-dog topwater lure for all types of predator fish. Freshwater, saltwater – it doesn’t matter – when you need to walk a topwater, you reach for a Spook. The new Chug’n Spook adds more water disturbance, chugging and spitting action, and a new sound to the Spook family, and despite the concave, cupped face, walks-the-dog with ease. A big One Knocker rattle provides even more attraction. In fresh or salt, the Chug’n Spook flat out catches fish.

Length. 9cm

Weight. 14gr

Surface Lure

colour-silver mullet

Heddon Chug'n Spook Jr.

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