• Duo Realis Pencil 85
  • Duo Realis Pencil 85

Duo Realis Pencil 85 has a killer "walk the dog" action that bass won't pass up! The secret behind the Realis Pencil's user-friendly action is a small, spherical bump located immediately below the head. As you twitch the rod, this bump causes the Duo Realis Pencil 85 to pivot at the nose and forces the body to swish back-and-forth, creating an effortless, zig-zagging motion. When the lure reaches its highest point in the “walk the dog” retrieve, you can give it a strong twitch to produce a sizeable splash and a pronounced lunging motion.

The Duo Realis Pencil 85 comes equipped with a fixed rear-weighting system, as well as, a moving weight transfer system. These weighting systems work together to produce long-distance casts for such a small lure. During the retrieve, they also combine to emit a distinct, high-pitch clicking sound.

This is the perfect lure for when the bass are nailing small fry on the surface!

Length. 85mm

Weight. 9.7gr

Duo Realis Pencil 85

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