French designed for tournament anglers, the Deus is a lure shad type that excels in slow retrieves for predator fishing and comes in 3" and 4" versions

Biwaa has developed a body crafted from two different materials. The belly is made from a salty and dense material, while that used for the back is not salty.
The result is a lure with the ability to remain perfectly stable, regardless of the speed at which it is recovered. This is especially true during slow retrieves, whether rigged linear, drop shot or with split shot.

These little lures have a particularly attractive swimming action. The tail oscillates very attractive way, evoking the movements of a wounded baitfish, which will cause predator attacks from perch, pike and bass.

The Deus also has a dorsal slit and a belly slit designed to facilitate Texan rigging. Inside the ventral slot, you will find a hole to insert a tungsten ballast to weigh down the lure without disrupting its attractive swimming action.

The Deus also has two types of shrimp scent attractants. One, based on a shrimp oil, is located on the skin and diffuses into the water at any moment, sending a particularly attractive scent.
The second attractant, based shrimp meal is contained in the heart of the matter and push the biting fish to keep as long in mouth, which will maximize the chance of a successful hookup.

Biwaa Deus swimbaits

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