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Report Week ending July 19th

Fishing and the weather are inextricably linked and therefore the fisherman will probably study the weather map of Llyn Brenig in as much detail as he will study the topography of the lake and the comings and goings of the fly life. If he had studied the weather map this week he would have probably given up and gone home as the weather has been so changeable over the week with some strong winds, light showers and overcast skies interspersed with sunny spells and clear skies. The fish are probably as confused as the fishermen with their feeding patterns having to adapt to the changing conditions. The beauty of this scenario though is that fishing the lake becomes a bit more of a challenge and as the fish adapt to the weather so must the fisherman adapt to the changing behaviour of the fish.  It does seem though that whilst the boat fishermen are having a successful time of it the bank fishermen are facing more of a challenge. This is borne out by the rod averages this week which show that whilst the average for the boat fishermen is 4.5 fish per angler the average for the bank fisherman is 2.3 fish per angler. One theory put forward is that due to the water level of the lake being dropped by four metres last year the hatches that normally take place close to the shore are now further from the shore and therefore the fish will be feeding further from the shore this year. 
Despite the rod average being slightly down overall this week there have been some cracking fish caught with none as good as the 6 lb 5 oz Rainbow caught by Mike Lightfoot and his boat partner Malcolm using a black booby pulled across the top of the water between the dam and the fish cages. The top bag this week of 11 lbs 8 oz was claimed by Ivor Jones from Llanrwst but the real tale of Ivor’s day was that he caught a ‘beautiful 10 lb (approx.) pike in superb condition with a beautiful golden sheen all over’. We do have a fascination for the big and the beautiful and we do like to stand in awe of those mighty creatures of the world that dwarf us and make us realise our own insignificance. 
We were left in suspense last week after the delayed results of the Brenig Trout League but I can now reveal that in first place came Brenig Cats, second place went to Welsh Hawks and in third place came TCF Falcons. Tracey Barlow was nowhere to be seen!!
On Saturday Llanilar Angling Association held a competition at Llyn Brenig and in a very tight finish and with a fantastic rod average of 12 fish per angler Glyn Jones came first with 20 fish caught, whilst with the same number of fish caught James Thomas came second and James Raw came third.
It was a busy weekend of fishing at the Brenig as on Sunday the Scierra Pairs took place with the top four qualifying for the next round. The rod average was again a very healthy 4.9 fish per angler and in rather blustery conditions David Jones and Wayne Jones secured top spot with Lewis Rumble and our own ranger Mark Evans coming in second place and Glenn Moody and Ian Buckley coming in third place.
The hot spots this week for bank fishing have been the Brenig Arm, Sailing Club Bay and the Visitors Centre whilst for the boat fishermen the Dam Wall and Tower Bay have been very successful.
The top flies this week have been cats whiskers, orange fritz, hares ear, diawl bach and various blobs and boobies.
The main gates will be shutting at 9.00 pm this week.


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