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2014 highlights

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If you're looking for some inspiration then here it is.........Two of our favourite photos that we had sent in over the 2014 season from our customers showing that fishing really is a hobby for all ages and abilities.

First off we have Alan Davies, life long fisherman, aged 80+ and still heading out after dark Seatrout fishing on the river Dee.  Here he is pleased as punch with his catch from the mount pool at Carrog.  We all hope we'll still be doing the same when we reach that age, well done Allan, you are a real inspiration to us here.

Then we have a true beginner to the fly fishing world, young Matthew, pictured here with one of his first Rainbow trout from local fishery Wall Goch.  This young chap certainly is one of our most enthusiastic customers right now and certainly brings a smile to our faces when he pays us a visit!

Another heart warming tale came from a gentleman that on having an invite up to Scotland took to his actic to retreive some of this mothers old fishing tackle, with the intention of getting some use out of it.  Unfortuantely most of it was so old that it had perrished beyond use, but we did managed to salvage one reel and load it up with a new flyline for him.  While loading up the line he told us how his mother used to fish up in Scotland on quite a regular basis in her younger years, but was sadly now in a home suffering with Alzheimers.  On a recent visit he had mentioned to her about his fishing trip and trying to use her old gear, in his words 'she just came back to life.... and for a good 10 minutes talked about her time spent fishing, it was the most she'd spoken in months'.  This lovely story really stuck with me and made me realise just how much fishing can mean to us, it truely is a fantasic pass time that we are so lucky to share and I urge you all to spread the word and the happiness that goes with it!

Happy new fishing season!!



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