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Report week ending 25th May.

Paul Simon once said ‘I can gather all the news I need from the weather report’ and in the world of fishing I suppose he wasn’t far from the truth as the weather is a major factor in the success or failure of a fisherman. The weather this week must have been spot on for the fishermen of Llyn Brenig as the rod average was a spectacular 5.6 fish per angler which basically means that very few fishermen went home with an empty bag and a scowl on their faces. So what was the weather like? Well the wind was variable and could change in a blink of an eye and the days were similar with the mornings somewhat overcast with rain filled clouds but on many of the days the skies would clear by mid-afternoon and we would see beautiful clear and sunny evenings Are those the perfect conditions for fishing? Perhaps they are but nothing in this world is perfect and there always seems to be some fly in the ointment and, as with anything, there are other factors that come into play such as water temperature and the cycle of the natural flora and fauna. So fishing like life is never simple and we have to roll with the dice and see what number destiny dishes up for us.
The water temperature is still around about the 9 degree C mark which is fairly cold for this time of year and is tending to keep the fish a bit lower in the water. We haven’t really seen many fish rising yet and therefore the top of the water fishing is limited. However the cooler water does keep the metabolic rate of the fish high and as a result they are in fine physical shape and put up a spectacular fight when hooked. The conditioning of the fish is similar to a finely tuned boxer such as Muhammad Ali when, at his peak, he could float like a butterfly and sting like a bee whereas in the later years of his career, as age took its toll, he was sadly a shadow of his former self. So the moral of the tale is to keep the fish mean and lean and you will see the results as the rod bends and the trout leaps out of the water like a bucking bronco.
Mr. Peter Gabriel from Wrexham achieved the top bag of the week when he recorded a weight of 14 lbs 6oz which included a rainbow weighing in at 4 lbs 6oz. Usually if a fisherman catches a 4 lb 6oz rainbow it would almost be guaranteed to be the heaviest fish of the week however this week the top fish was a beautiful 6 lb 6oz rainbow caught by Mr. Dafydd Owen from Corwen using a blob on a fast glass line caught close to the Dam wall. 
The top flies this week have been gold head damsel, hares ear, viva, orange fritz and black and green fritz, cats whiskers, buzzers and various boobies.
The hot spots have once more varied quite considerably this week due to the unpredictable nature of the wind and as one fisherman said the fish seem to be all over the lake. However Sailing Club Bay, Water Sports Bay, top of the Brenig Arm, Tower Bay and the Dam wall have all fished well.
Sometimes it doesn’t really matter if you catch a fish or not as one fisherman commented that although he didn’t catch anything he heard a cuckoo and saw a grass snake basking in a brief flash of sunlight. Now what could be more satisfying than that!? Who says that life isn’t without its moments of pure joy.
We are starting to get more responses in the catch return box at Llyn Alwen and it seems to be fishing well with Mr. Jason Kearney from Llanrwst bagging up and commenting on the ‘good fighting fish’.
The main gates will be shutting at 8.45 pm this week.


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