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A wonderful Week

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So after being pretty quiet on the blogging front this year, I'm finally inspired by last weeks events to make a start!

Our fishing trips have started off as they usually do this year, a few trips camping down the Lleyn and Anglesey, Shaun catching at least a small Bass a session and me struggling to find a pollack or Wrasse.  But then all of a sudden things are looking up, finally it's warmed up a bit and the fishing is seeing improvements all round.  Shaun had his first Seatrout of the season last Tuesday night off the river Clwyd, and what a fish to start off with.  A gorgeous 5.5lb fresh as a daisy solid fish that took his usual method, a black and silver tube fly.  The fish was returned to the river to go and reproduce many more for the future.  Another nights fishing, and blanking on the junction confirmed that I don't think the rivers are yet full of Seatrout, but it's certainly worth a go right now.

After returning to our favourite sea fishing haunts several times this year with not too much joy, we decided to go and explore and find some new places to try breaking our necks!  And I nearly did this weekend, but it was while playing my first Bass of the year which also happened to be a personal best, so neck breaking was fine!  Shaun had deserted me on the most slippy rock on the whole peninsular, after pulling out a spectacular 7lb Bass right next to me, while I picked out wind knots in my braid from my first cast, things weren't loking good for me!  I continued this streak of bad luck by hooking into what I can only think would have been a mega wrasse, it had taken my last fiiish black minnow before I'd even had time to start retreiving it and was straight into a rock, my 23lb seaguar line came back shreaded with nothing on the end....marvelous!

 I enjoyed a consolation eccles cake then carried on fishing off the only place I could stand up with a white Savage Sand eel.  It's wasn't long before I hooked my monster, but it was quite a while before I could get him in!  Contending with rough conditions, big swells and slippy rocks is definately not my strong point, I ended up wetter than the fish!  Which was a carbon copy of the fish Shaun had caught earlier, if not bigger (of course that's what I think).  While playing both these fish we noticed another large Bass swimmming along side them, it makes me wonder why they do this, are they a pair or is it just competition for the food/lure.  Unfortunately Shaun wasn't there to photograph or weigh this specimen for me you'll just have to take my word, but my biggest fish up until now has been 6.5lb and I'm pretty sure this one was bigger.  The release was just as much a wet struggle as the landing, but he went back strong, which is more than can be said for me, needing a while to recover from all that excitment, I took a bit of time out sitting on the rocks watching the waves and 3 passing Dolphins, another sure sign that summer's well and truely here.  When Golden balls (Shaun) finally returned he casually mentioned he'd caught 9 Bass while hoping over the rocks and waves, oh well thrashed yet again, but I'd managed to bash myself about enough standing on one rock and catching just one fish, I'd have never survived the mile stretch he'd done.  My only consolation was that after the practically vertical walk back to the van, Shaun remembered that he'd left his other rod and reel down on the rocks, it's all good exersize though, he didn't agree!!

On this occassion soft lures were the order of the day, Fiish black minnows, slug go's, Savage sand eels and Eco gear minnows.  All fished close in but with at least a 12g head to get down in the rough swell.

I hope this will inspire you to get out there and give it a go, whether it be on the rivers or the sea.  We have some amazing, truely wild fishing right here on our doorstep, go and take advantage of it!


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