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Bank Holiday Bassin'

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First the good news....I've finally had my first Bass of the year!  Never mind that, I'm still a fair few fish behind the lads, but to be fair they do put more hours in.

So it all started last bank holiday, Rob went off to fish with the Bass society get together on Shell island.  He had some great fishing there catching about 16 Bass over the whole weekend, he caught them on all methods, Lug worm, Lures and best of all the fly.  The BASS guys were really made up with this, as it was the first Bass on a fly to be had from this event over all the years.  Well done Rob!

This bank holiday we all spent a few days camping and fishing down the Lleyn peninsula again, in search of clear water to lure fish.  With the local coast being full of maywater (alge bloom) we don't stand a chance with the lures around here.  The tides down the peninsula were just right for Shauns favourite early bird session, so off he went at 5am and was rewarded by 3 nice Bass, that's got to be worth getting out of bed for!  We fished for the remainder of the afternoon untill about 6pm, but as it was so bright we struggled a bit, just catching the odd Pollack and wrasse.  The highlight of this day for me was watching an Otter from the rocks swimming about beneath me, I couldn't believe my luck, what a great rare sight.  Shaun also had a nice suprise, a small Seatrout on a metal lure, he saw two of them together follow his lure in then one made a grab for it and he caught it.  Finally our day was ended by my first Bass of the year, a gorgeous 4 pounder.  At the end of the day when we met up with Rob he was also buzzing after landing a brilliant 6 pound Bass.  The following day was much the same weather wise, bright and sunny, so the deep heavy lures were out again.  Not a sniff of a Bass, so we ended up just footling about for Warsse around the deeper rock marks, having a few small ones and one nice one (pictured below with Dotty).  On our way back to the van we decided to give it one last hour off a different rock mark and bingo, I did it again, I managed to winkle out a Bass of 3lb......made up!

So all in all not a Bass bonanza but the Bass we did catch were all on the very same lure, my favourite, the good old trusty Slug-go.  They are brilliant, they fish pretty weedless, hook up well and are great for catch and release as they are used with a single hook.  If you've not tried them before I'd certainly reccomend you get some for your armoury, they certainly proved to us this weekend that we wouldn't be without them!



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