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Brenig Report

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With the Cuckoo’s song heralding in the beginning of summer we were expecting a week of warmer weather at Llyn Brenig. The reality, however, was somewhat different to our expectations. The week was dominated by a cold Easterly wind which meant that the temperature on top of the water was kept down and there was a significant absence of fly life around the fringes of the lake. The fish nevertheless are starting to appear nearer the surface as the water temperature slowly creeps up; it is now standing at 11 degrees C,  and if we have a sustained period of warmer weather we should see lots of surface activity and plenty of dry fly fishing on offer. As I was locking the gates up on Sunday evening I saw lots of fish rising in the Brenig Arm which augurs well for the week ahead.
The old saying that ‘East is least and West is best’ was certainly true this week with the rod average down to 3.0 fish per angler. Every cloud though has a silver lining as, despite the lack of fish being caught this week, the fish that were actually landed were of an excellent quality. The two biggest fish of the week were both 4 lbs and over with Mr. W.J. Roberts fishing for Brenig Eagles recording a 4 lb rainbow and Mr. Graham Dawes fishing for Wirral Game catching a splendid 4 lb 8 oz trout. Mr. William Roberts from Caernarfon was delighted to catch a lovely 3 lb 15 oz trout with a fully mended tail just off Barrow Island using a damsel fly. There were also some very good bag sizes recorded with Mr. Dawes weighing in a bag of 15 lbs 0 oz for 6 fish caught but the top bag was recorded by Mr. Clive Parry who weighed his bag in at 15 lbs 6 oz for only 5 fish caught which is an average of over 3 lbs per fish. Some day he had!!
My favorite story for this week was told to me by Mr. Rodney Burrows from Eglwys Bach who was fishing by Hafod Lom when he thought he’d snagged his line only to see it shoot out in front of him. He thought he had two fish on the line as he could see the head of one and the tail of another but he soon realized that it was only one fish- perhaps that hip flask was emptier than he realized. After a 10 minute struggle and with the line firmly clasped between the teeth of the fish the line was snapped and the fish returned to his life of freedom and adventure. But as the fish disappeared into the dark depths of the lake Mr. Burrows was convinced that it was a Brown Trout well in excess of 7 lbs – was this the monster of the Brenig? He is still out there waiting to be caught but he is now a little bit wiser and will certainly take some catching.
Fishing is like a game of Chess with a lot of chance thrown into the equation and talking to the fishermen it seems that when they ‘go a fishing’ their quest is to out fox the fish and create the perfect pattern of line and fly. The weather conditions, the water temperature, the fly life and the topography of the lake all play a part in their decision making as they embark on their game of ‘cat and mouse’. It is indeed a sport for thinkers and I would imagine that if Plato and Aristotle were alive today they would be fly fishermen on their days off!!
The lakes has fished consistently in all areas this week but with the east wind dominating most fishermen have found their success on the eastern shore with the wind behind them with Hafod Lom, Tower Bay and Nant Glyn shore proving profitable. The main lines used this week are intermediates with goldhead lures or DI5,s with a mixture of bright boobies or black and green flies.
We are now starting to look forward to the annual Llyn Brenig Country Fair which will take place during the weekend of May 17th and 18th. There will be plenty of stalls and exhibits to visit and will include a bird of prey display.

The main gates will be shut at 8.15 pm this week and all
boats need to be back on the jetty by 7.30 pm.

Tight lines – Jim Jenkins – Seasonal Ranger


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