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The weather at Llyn Brenig, despite some cold mornings, has seen a gradual increase in the air temperature over the course of this week with mostly south westerly winds. The water temperature has risen to 6.9 degrees C and this has coincided with the fish being caught nearer the top of the water. The lake level is still high at the moment but the level is due to be dropped by approximately 4 meters in June. This is in order to test the dams monitoring equipment and is of vital importance for the safety of the dam and is unavoidable. The lake will remain at this level until September from which point it will start to return to its natural level. Obviously this will have a significant impact on the fishing. Whether it will be a positive impact or a negative one is uncertain but it would appear that the lowering of the lake will have the effect of increasing the fly life along the banks and as a result should improve the fish life. We shall have to wait and see but one positive outcome is that the fishermen will be able to find all those things that have been dropped in the lake over the last few years!

The rod average this week stands at 4.6 fish per angler which is slightly down on the previous two weeks; this could be the result of some fish being slightly wary of the fly which meant that the fish were taking but not staying on the fly. However there were some good sized fish caught with a number over 3 lbs. Mr. Sinton from Nannerch landed a 3 lb 2 oz Rainbow but the heaviest fish of the week, weighing in at 3 lbs 8 oz was caught by Mr. Richard Williams from Henllan. The top bag this week was recorded by Mr. Lea from Oswestry and weighed in at 14 lbs 8 oz for six fish caught. The old saying that ‘knowledge is power’ is certainly appropriate when it comes to fishing the lake. Those that regularly fish the lake develop a deep understanding of the way the lake fishes and rarely go home without having caught a full quota of fish whereas those who haven’t fished here before do, understandably, find it more difficult to catch. So the moral of the story is that the more you come here the more you will catch!!

The lake has fished well in most parts with fish being seen rising in Brenig Arm. The hot spots have mostly centered around the top end of Hafod lom, Nant Glyn and the Visitors Centre with the Sailing Club fishing well from the bank.

Top flies have been cormorants, various blobs, black and green lures, cats’ whiskers, gold head damsels and woofta boobies.

We are delighted to announce that seven teams have now signed up for the trout league, the first of which is on Sunday May 25th. We are still hoping for more teams to join but with so many teams now entered we are assured of an excellent competition. This year there won’t be an individual prize but a prize for the top three teams. Last year’s event was so full of incident and controversy that it would have graced any Premier League finale and if it can measure up to this year’s Premier League finale then we are in for a cracking few months of top quality fishing.

Gates closing at 7.15 this week and all boats to be in by 6.30pm


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