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Brenig Report

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Report week ending 17th May.

A very mixed week of weather was experienced at Llyn Brenig this week with some pleasant days interspersed with some rather bleak and wet days. The old adage that you ‘should never shed a clout until the month of May is out’ was certainly true on Sunday with the temperature dropping quite considerably and a chilly wind sweeping across the lake. Those old ancestors of ours definitely knew what they were talking about and we ignore their advice at our peril! The water temperature has moved towards the 9 degree C mark which will bring the fish nearer to the surface. At the moment though the fish are still lying at three to four feet below the surface although there has been some success with a floating line. On Saturday it was reported that the fish were feeding on ‘the fry’ which basically means that there is plenty of natural food in the lake and therefore it makes the task of the fisherman more difficult as any fish with an ounce of intelligence will shun the temptations of the fisherman’s fly in preference to the easy pickings of the fry.
We are grateful to those fishermen who have returned our ‘customer’s survey card’ as it is very useful to have the views of those who use the lake. Generally speaking most of the comments have been very positive although it is in the very nature of fishermen to be pessimistic as when you cast your line into the water you have to expect the worst and hope for the best. If there are genuine concerns expressed by the fishermen we will try to address them although the request that we stock the lake with tuna might be a step too far!
Wirral Game Fishing Club held a competition here on Sunday for both bank and boat fishermen. Thirty one anglers took part, both members and guests, and a total of 101 fish were caught at an average of 3.2 fish per angler. Stephen Liggins was the star of the day. Fishing from the boat he had the best fish at 2lb 13 oz and the best total weight for 6 fish of 12lb 6oz as well as the best brace at 5lb 1 oz. Yvonne Macdonald had the heaviest fish caught by a guest at 2lb 8oz.
The rod average for this week of 4.2 fish per angler is a little bit down on the previous weeks but this might be due to the rather unpredictable weather particularly as the wind direction has been so variable and hasn’t been set for more than a day. The other factor as mentioned previously is the abundance of fish fry in the lake. However as always there have been some excellent catches and many fishermen have once more had a great day out at the Brenig such as Mr. D. Griffiths from Wrexham who said, ‘Another wonderful day away from it all’ and Mr. Hefin Evans from WGFC who said that he’d had a fantastic day. The top fish this week was caught by Mr. John Lewis and touched the scales at 3 lbs whilst the top bag of the week was caught by Mr. M. Blount from Swansea and weighed in at 12 lbs 3 oz.
The top flies for the week have been cat’s whiskers, viva, white tadpole, diawl bach,
Montana, damsel, buzzers, fritz and various boobies and blobs.
The hot spots have varied quite considerably over the week due to the changing wind direction but Sailing Club Bay, Tower Bay, the Dam Wall and the top of the arm have all fished well at some point during the week.
As an incentive scheme it has been decided to give fishermen a 20% discount on all food and drinks that are purchased from the café. Simply show your permit to a member of staff and you can sit on the balcony with your cup of coffee and a bacon bap and watch the world go by – well maybe a few geese and the occasional fishing boat!


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