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Report week ending 29th March.

After a glorious last weekend at Llyn Brenig we were anticipating a similar picture for the following week but alas it was not to be! The temperature dropped, the wind picked up and by this weekend it appeared as if the weather Gods at the Brenig were exacting a high price for our optimism. High winds on Saturday meant that boat fishing had to be suspended and torrential rain on Sunday saw fishermen seeking shelter and beating a hasty retreat from the wrath of the rain Gods. It has indeed been a disappointing start to the Easter holidays but despite the inclement weather the fishing for those that braved the elements has been surprisingly good. There have been some lovely fish caught too with Mr Gibb from Wirral Game remarking on the ‘fin perfect’ fish. There is definitely a difference between the over wintered fish and the stock fish. The over wintered fish are lean, full tailed and have an almost ‘salmon tinge’; the pink flesh may be caused by the fact that over the winter the fish are feeding on small slugs that lie at the bottom of the lake. When these slugs are ingested they produce the ‘salmon pink’ colour in the fish.
Once again the rod average for this week has been exceptionally good standing at 5.9 fish per angler (this includes returned fish).  This suggests that there are plenty of fish and with a slow start to the season due to the weather the lake hasn’t been heavily fished which means that there is a good head of fish in the lake. The top fish this week was a 3 lb 10 oz rainbow caught by Mr. Paul Gibb. Mr. Gibb obviously had a splendid day and bagged another two rainbows of well over 3 lbs. Mr Peter Gabriel from Wrexham also caught two rainbows of over 3 lbs which helped him secure the top bag of the week which weighed in at 14 lbs 12 oz.
 With the weather being very changeable from one day to the next and the wind direction also being very variable over the week the pattern for fishing hasn’t been consistent over the week with fish being caught at varying levels and on varied patterns. The one consistent theme though has been black and green lures such as montana, vivas and boobies which have been catching well with woofta’s and damsel also being successful flies.
The hot spots this week have been the Sailing Club Bay and Hafod Lom which again reflects the changing wind direction over the week. 
The water temperature has risen slightly this week and is 4.5 degrees C.
On Thursday Llyn Brenig played host to the first fishing competition of the year when the Cheshire Police turned out in force (No pun intended!!) Eight boats took to the water and despite the rather cold and blustery conditions a good day was had with good bags being recorded. 
With the new fishing season being well on its way it will soon be time for the recommencement of the Brenig Trout League. We have four teams entered so far with three more pending. If you would like to enter a team please contact Mr. Paul Cawley at the Visitors Centre. The first round will be taking place on Sunday May 10th. We are also going to be holding the first ‘Try the Fly’ day on Monday May 4th. This is an opportunity for those who feel that they would like to try fly fishing but who feel that they lack the skill or experience to have a go. So come along and be enthralled by this new sport. For further information please contact Mr. Mark Evans at the Visitors Centre (Tel: 01490 420463).


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