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Brenig Report

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Report Week ending Aug. 3rd

A week of rather changeable weather was the order of the day at Llyn Brenig this week. A mostly South Westerly wind brought a fair bit of rain with it during the latter part of the week and a strong wind on Sunday whipped up the surface of the lake making conditions very difficult for fishing particularly in the Northern part of the lake. The water temperature is still high and stands at around 18 degrees C. Having just returned from visiting the lakes of Northern Italy with their beautiful and historic towns and villages nestled on the shore line and the wooded mountains rising steeply behind them it makes you realize the uniqueness of the upland lakes of Wales. The lakes of Northern Italy are massive in comparison and are indeed vast in terms of both their size and grandeur but having said that Llyn Brenig does have its own charm one of which is its solitude and tranquility.
The main focus this week at Llyn Brenig has been the Ty Nant sponsored Classic fishing competition. Saturday was practice day and after a morning of rain and rather miserable conditions the afternoon brightened up and turned into an ideal day for fishing. It was really nice to see one of fishing’s true characters Moc Morgan MBE, president of the Welsh Salmon and Trout Angling Association , who at 86 years old still enjoys life to the full and turned up for the practice day and caught himself four fish. Sunday was competition day and although the weather was generally favourable the strong Southerly wind made fishing somewhat difficult and made some parts of the lake almost inaccessible. Problems however are meant to be overcome and the competitors managed to battle through the worst of the weather and in the end most fishermen had a satisfactory day of fishing. Mr. James Thomas from Llanilar Angling Association e mailed to pass on his thanks to the Brenig and commented that it was the best fishing venue in Wales. High praise indeed! All 44 boats were used for the competition making a total of 88 competitors. There were 249 fish caught with a rod average of 2.83 fish per angler. In first place was Meic Roberts for Wales with a total of ten fish caught at a total weight of 18 lbs 10 oz, second place went to Greg Donnelly for Scotland and in third place came Ryan Feber for England. One very disappointing aspect of the weekend was that some of the Irish competitors had all their equipment stolen out of their van the night before the competition. It is a sad reflection of society and doesn’t reflect well on Wales.
The rod average for this week away from the competitions is 3.3 fish per angler. The lake has been fishing quite well and there have been some good fish caught. Mr. Ian Walker from Widnes recorded the top bag of the week with a total weight of 12 lbs 4 oz for 6 fish caught whilst Mr. K. Jackson had a good day recording the two biggest fish of the week at just over 4 lbs each.
The top flies this week have been Daddy Long Legs, Cats Whiskers, Vivas, Fritz, Black Hopper and Olive Nymphs.
Hot spots this week have been the Visitors Centre, Tower Bay, Ring of Stones and Sailing Club Bay.
Whilst the fishing has been thriving with the Welsh Senior Trials and the Anglian Water trials all taking place this month there have also been some very interesting sightings of some unusual wildlife at the Brenig. We have had more reports of Ospreys at the lake and a sighting of a pair of Cross Bills as well as reports of water voles.

The main gates will be shut at 8.15 pm this week and all boats need to be back on the jetty by 7.45 pm.

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