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Brenig Report

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Report for week ending 8th Sept.

A very mixed week of weather was experienced at Llyn Brenig this week with the wind veering from the North through practically all the points of the compass bringing with it some warm sunny weather but also some cooler and wetter conditions. The weekend saw the air temperature drop quite sharply bringing with it the feeling that those autumn days were not far behind; however as if to dispel those gloomy thoughts Sunday evening saw a glorious sunset as the horizon was lit up by a backdrop of stunning colours, bathing the landscape in a warm glow. The water temperature has remained around 16 degrees C and the fish have been at or near to the surface and have been caught on the dry fly as well as a slow sinking line.

The general weather conditions have been favourable to the fisherman and the rod average is a respectable 3.5 fish per angler. It may have been noted that during the week the fish cages were moved and the work is now complete. This should help the developmental growth of the fish and is another link in the chain of producing some first class fish for next season. Lurking under the cages you can see some very big fish whose presence would grace any fisherman’s bag but there is one fish of particular renown to the fish farmers as he is an absolutely huge specimen. Fish are sometimes wrongly thought of as having little intelligence but fishermen will tell you differently and the ‘monster of the Brenig cages’ proved this theory once again as within a couple of days after the cages were moved he was back in his usual spot waiting for his free meal!

The top fish this week was also a fine example of a rainbow trout with Mr. Graham Owen from Buckley landing a 4 lb 8 oz rainbow. Mr. David Carry from London also landed a lovely 4 lb 4 oz rainbow. It was good to record that our site manager Mr. Nick Kite finally broke his Brenig duck after catching a 2 lb 8 oz rainbow; I think that he got as much pleasure from catching the fish as he did from seeing the completion of the Visitors Centre extension! Although he did have the wounds of battle, a line burn, to show for his troubles. The top bag of the week, weighing in at 10 lbs 8 oz, goes to Mr. Ivor Jones from Llanrwst. This does show that the bag sizes have gone down, this is due in part to the fact that over the last few weeks the lake has been stocked with fish of a more moderate size compared to the fish during the earlier part of the season. There are however still some fantastic fish in the lake and many of the bigger fish that have been lying deep up until now are moving to the surface.

Top flies this week have been haul-y-gwynt, diawl bach, hopper, sedge, fritz, muddler, black gnat, heather fly and various boobies.

The lake has been fishing well in most places but the bank fishing hot spots have been the Visitors Centre and Tower Bay with some success on the West Bank whilst boat fishing hot spots have been Hafod Lom woods and Tower Bay.

Usually when the world of nature collides with the world of man there are disastrous consequence however a happy ending ensued after a young osprey, fish clasped in his talons, was hit by a four wheel drive on the North end of the Brenig. The young osprey was stunned but remarkably recovered and was last seen heading towards the hills from whence he came: shaken but not stirred!

The main gates will be shut at 7.45 pm this week and all boats need to be back on the jetty by 7.00 pm.

Tight Lines – Jim Jenkins – seasonal ranger


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