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REPORT WEEK ENDING 2nd OCT. (including the Pike days)

As the light of the day is fading fast and the boats are being taken off the water in preparation for the onset of winter our natural human body clock, honed by our primitive past, starts to drift into hibernation mode hoping for the best but expecting the worst. However this week at Llyn Brenig has been unexpectedly mild and we have been treated to some really pleasant weather during this period. The middle of the week was particularly warm with temperatures reaching the low 20’s (degrees C).The weekend did see a change in the weather with some strong winds and cooler temperatures which reminds us that winter isn’t far around the corner and will probably make us pay in spades for the wonderful season that we have been blessed with.
This week has been building up to ‘Pike week’ which took place over the weekend and into Monday and Tuesday. In military terms it has felt a little bit like the light infantry divisions that represent the fly fishermen withdrawing and being replaced by the heavy artillery and the tank regiments as they move in with all their heavy equipment. But indeed the pike is the heavy weight of the fishing world and is a spectacular fish and it does need some serious tackle to catch them. When you see a pike you are reminded of the ancient past as you can imagine these monsters of the deep lurking in the waterways of our ancestors.
Saturday saw nearly 30 boats taking to the lake which was a fantastic turnout for the start but it was a difficult day with the wind strength making parts of the lake difficult to fish and also it seems that with the level of the lake down it has reduced the areas of shallower water where the pike like to inhabit.  Despite the weather however it did prove to be a successful day with a number of pike being caught. Mr. G.F. Williams from Llanrwst caught a 9 pounder off Duck Island whilst Mr. Mark Rostron and his boat partner also landed a really nice 12 lb pike. Mr. Joe Crowther from St Helens caught a 10 lb pike but the biggest pike of the day and of pike week so far was caught by Wayne Pomfret who caught a pike of well over 20 lbs.
Sunday was even more of a spectacular day with one fisherman catching a beautiful 15 lb pike before he had even started fishing! He was sitting in his boat next to the jetty whilst getting his tackle ready when the lure dropped into the water and before you could blink the pike had taken it and the lucky fisherman had bagged himself the top pike of the day. Unfortunately for him that was as good as it got. It is quite eerie to think that whilst we are going about our business on the lake there are these incredible fish going about their business just below us!
The boat season has now finished and this will be the last fishing report before the season starts again on Saturday March 14th 2015. Bank fishing will continue until December 14th for the cost of £10.50 for a three fish catch return. Fishermen certainly made the most of the last week of boat fishing and there were a good number of fishermen making their final trip to the Brenig for this season. The rod average of 4.4 fish per angler was again a very good average for this time of year and is testament to the excellent season that we have had and to the hard work that has been put in by the fish farmers Stefano Rocca and Jack Finney. The fishing is only as good as the fishery and we are lucky to have had the expertise and knowledge of both Jack and Stefano. The top bag this week was caught by Mr. Clive Gilbert and weighed in at 12 lbs 1 oz whilst 3 fishermen, Mr. John Evans from the Wirral, Mr. John Lewis from Wrexham and Roger Griffiths from Wirral Game all caught a 3 lb 8 oz rainbow.
Fish have still been caught on the top of the water using dry flies which is remarkable for this time of year. The top flies have been daddy long legs, muddler, claret dabbler, cat’s whiskers, nymph and various boobies.
Hot spots for boat fishing have been Watersports Bay, Sailing Club Bay and at the top of the Brenig Arm. Bank fishermen have found success in Tower Bay, Sailing Club Bay and Watersports Bay.
The main gates will be shutting at 4.15 pm this week.
All it leaves for me to do now is to thank all those fishermen who have come to the Brenig this year and to wish them well for those winter months ahead and we all look forward to seeing you next year when you can take great delight in hanging that sign on your door telling everyone that once again you have ‘GONE FISHING’


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