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Report week ending 3rd May

With the days leading up to the bank holiday bringing very cold conditions there were limited expectations for a decent bank holiday weekend and unfortunately our assumptions were proved to be correct. Saturday saw some very heavy rain and a biting Easterly wind whilst Sunday, although slightly warmer, was also a bit of a washout with showers and overcast skies. The only beneficiaries of the weather were ducks and polar bears with the exception of those who are familiar with the vagaries of the Brenig micro climate and had come well prepared with thermals and a pair of wellingtons.
As is often the case there is always a silver lining in every cloud and despite the cold conditions and rain filled skies the fishing proved to be excellent and one of our seasoned and regular fishermen to the Brenig had one of his best days ever on Thursday. His comment that the fishing at the Brenig has been really good but is getting even better is praise indeed and was inspired by the fact that he caught fish all along the Eastern shore from the Ring of Stones right down to the end of Hafod Lom and the quality of the fish was unsurpassed. Let’s hope that this Thursday will follow a similar pattern in the world of politics with high quality candidates and a victory for common sense and integrity. 
The saga of the birds nesting in the catch return box in the fisherman’s car park continued as it was decided to put a new catch return box next to the old one so that the birds could nest in the old one undisturbed. However within hours of the new one going up the birds, which have been identified as Blue tits, decided to move home and relocate in the new catch return box and low and behold started to throw the catch returns out of the new box. They had obviously been following the housing market and thought it was a good time to upgrade with the interests rates being so low. We are expecting them to set up home in Spain after the election!
With the water temperature remaining at 8 degrees C the fish are still lying fairly low in the water with a DI3 line being the preferred method for the week. The rod average for the week remains at a very credible 5.1 fish per angler and with the warmer weather hopefully arriving soon we should be seeing a lot more hatches of flies and the fish starting to feed on the top of the water.
The top bag this week weighed in at 13 lbs 2oz and was caught by Mr. Nigel Roberts from Ruthin whilst the heaviest fish was 3 lbs 1oz and was caught by Mr. Kevin Prince from Wrexham.
The top flies this week have been cat’s whiskers, montana, damsel, fritz, nymphs, viva and various boobies.
Hot spots have varied over the week mainly due to the variation in the wind direction over the week but Sailing Club Bay, Ring of Stones, Hafod Lom and Tower Bay have all fished well.
The catch returns from Llyn Alwen have shown that it has also fished very well this week with all the catch returns showing that the anglers have all bagged their six fish. We are hoping to stock the Alwen this week with some big fish so that there may be a few surprises over the coming days.
We are looking forward to the Brenig Trout League commencing once again this Sunday with five definite teams taking part.
The main gates will be shutting at 8.00pm this week and all boats need to be back on the jetty by 7.15pm.


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