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Brenig Report

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With the beginning of the week bringing cold and wet conditions there was little optimism for a decent bank holiday weekend and indeed Good Friday certainly didn’t live up to its name. However that pessimistic outlook was dispelled as Llyn Brenig was bathed in sweet, warm sunshine for the whole of the weekend. Sunday was particularly spectacular as driving to work in the early morning I was surrounded by a thick mist as if a giant spider had spun an enormous tangled web only to emerge at the top of the Denbigh moors into bright sunshine and clear blue skies. It remained like that all day and on the way back from work in the evening the whole of the Vale of Clwyd was immersed in mist whilst above it the world was picture perfect with the lake twinkling like an emerald in a golden crown – and the sunset – well if only I was a poet I would have written a sonnet about it!!
With the bright sunshine and the water temperature still at a fairly cool 4.6 degrees C one would have expected the fishing to have been quite difficult but this was far from the truth as there were some spectacular catches not only in terms of the quantity but also in the size and quality of the fish. The rod average of 6.9 fish per angler once again shows that the Brenig is fishing really well and Mr. Richard Booth from Spittal had the top bag of the week with an amazing bag of 19lbs for six fish caught. His comment that he had a ‘brilliant day’ might even be seen as an exercise in understatement! Indeed his comments were reinforced by a number of other fishermen with Mr. John Williams from Tal – y – Bont referring to the Brenig as a ‘top class lake’ and Mr. Gareth Barnett from Wirral Game commenting on the fish as being  ‘great fighters’ after a ‘good days sport’. The fish seem to be at a depth of about 5 feet with a DI 5 sinking line being the preferred method, they are also lying quite far from the bank which has meant that the bank fishermen are at a slight disadvantage to the boat fishermen. 
In terms of the size of the fish there have been some really nice 3 lb fish been caught and Mr. Booth even landed a 4 lb rainbow however the top fish this week has gone to Mr. Jim Crawford who netted a fantastic 5 lb rainbow. Even this spectacular fish could have been out done as Mr. Paul Gibbon, who normally fishes for Carp, said that he saw one of the biggest fresh water fish that he has ever seen when he was fishing in Sailing Club Bay. He was fishing off a boat when suddenly this enormous fish came up in front of the boat heading and tailing and it was definitely not a pike but either a brown trout or a rainbow trout. So the challenge is on and the question is can this old timer of the lake be brought to book or will she continue to out run the fishermen of the Brenig?
The top flies this week have been cat’s whiskers, orange fritz, montana, buzzers, damsel and various boobies.
The hot spots for the bank have been Sailing Club Bay, Hafod Lom, Nant Glyn,  Water Sports Bay and Tower Bay and for the boats all the above plus Barrow Island


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