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Report week ending 5th Oct.

The ‘Indian summer’ at Llyn Brenig just keeps rolling along as we’ve enjoyed another splendid week of warm days and blue skies. Apart from a bit of a blip at the end of the week when it appeared that autumn had finally arrived the rest of the time has been unbelievably pleasant for this time of year. In fact Thursday was like a glorious summer’s day with unusually high temperatures and bright sunshine taking visitors and fishermen alike by surprise. Overall it has been an excellent year as regards both the weather and the fishing resulting in a marked increase in the number of people coming to the Brenig to enjoy all the activities that it has on offer. The extension of the summer conditions has also had an impact on the flora and fauna of the lake an example of which is the abnormally high number of red sedges that have been seen around the lake. These flies are generally seen in the middle of summer and are certainly not usually seen at this time of year.
Once again the rod average has been very good standing at 3.8 fish per angler. As the water temperature starts to slowly cool down, it is now 14 degrees C; the fish will be feeding in deeper water. This week the fish have been feeding on the bottom of the water in the morning as they have been found with their stomachs full of buzzer flies and have been caught using Di 7’s but as the buzzers move towards higher water during the afternoon the fish will chase them and as a result during the latter part of the day they have been caught on midge tips using muddlers and small boobies. As we are trying to encourage the breeding of our natural brown trout by developing spawning beds it is always heartening when we hear that a brown trout has been caught and, of course, returned to the lake. Mr. J. Wilson from Ellesmere Port landed a lovely 2 lb 4 oz brown trout and this shows us that the future does look good for these fantastic natural wild trout. The biggest fish this week, a 3 lb 0 oz rainbow, was caught by Mr. Roger Griffiths from Wirral Game and the biggest bag of the week which weighed in at 12 lbs was caught by Mr. K. Webb.
Last week I mentioned that the results for Llanilar Angling Association match competition would be published this week. The top rod went to George Baron who caught 14 fish, whilst Gayle Marsh came in second place with Anthony Bevan in third place. The rod average for the match was 5.3 fish per angler.
On Sunday the greatly anticipated final round of the Brenig Trout League took place. Once again the fishermen enjoyed a fine day both from the point of view of the weather and the fishing.  The Welsh Hawks, who came into the match in first place, once again proved themselves to be strong front runners and secured the title and the much coveted Brenig League trophy with a fine display of competition fishing. In second place came Crewetons and after tying on points with Team Foxons third place was awarded to Brenig Cats due to the total weight of fish caught over the five rounds. Congratulations go to all who took part and we look forward to next season when we hope to have even more teams taking part in what has proved once again to have been a very successful competition.
With the end of the Trout League the season has definitely got that end of the year feel to it. However there is still plenty of fishing left and we are looking forward to the start of Pike week which begins on Saturday November 1st. There is still plenty of time to book a boat and the cost is £55 for 2 anglers and a boat and £38 for 1 angler and a boat. We are expecting pike of over 20 lbs to be caught and it is indeed a great week of fishing. Let’s just hope the weather continues to surprise us and those great predators of the lake can be out witted and enticed out of their murky lairs.
With the erection of another Osprey platform on the shore of the lake last week in an effort to encourage the eventual breeding of these fine birds it was with some excitement that an Osprey was spotted hunting for fish as it made its way on its perilous journey back to Africa. We hope that one day the osprey will make its home here and we can be thrilled by the sight of this fisherman of the air as it swoops over the lake, plunging like a spear into its depths to emerge like a warrior from the ancient past gripping a fish in its mighty talons.
The main gates will be shutting at 6.00 pm this week and all boats need to be back on the jetty by 5.15 pm.


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