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Report Week Ending 7th June.

It has almost felt that the summer has finally arrived at Llyn Brenig this week with one or two beautiful sunny days but the sunshine has been tempered by a nagging chilly wind that has seemed to be a constant companion throughout the week. The wind has generally been from the North West and has brought some fairly unsettled weather at times and in between the sunshine there have been some rather inclement days. The water temperature is a rather cool 10.8 degrees C which is a good temperature for fish activity but is still keeping them three or four feet below the surface as is the bright sunshine. We have started to witness a few more fly hatches due to the increase in land temperatures with the green leaf weevil making an appearance after being absent for a few years. It has also been reported that there have been several hatches of the sedge fly. 
The rod average for the week has been a very positive 4.8 fish per angler and once again the general view of the fishing is that it has been good overall with only one or two days proving to be difficult mainly due the strong sunshine on those days. The contrasting days in the life of a fishermen are best summed up by the comments of two fishermen; Mr. Morgan from Llanfair P.G. wrote that he had an ‘excellent’ day whilst Mr. Evans from the Wirral commented that he didn’t catch a thing despite trying every fly that he possessed but in the true spirit of fishing he said that he would be back soon to try again. In fact that really is the essence of fishing and in the words of the great American philosopher and writer Henry David Thoreau ‘many men go fishing all their lives without knowing that it is not the fish that they are after.’ Although try telling that to Ned and Norman and one or two other regular fishermen!!
The top fish for the week was shared by Mr. Gordon Farnworth and Mr. David Owen from Deganwy with both catching a rainbow weighing in at 3 lbs 2 oz. Ironically the top bag of the week was also shared (No I’m not just trying to use up my allocation of lines!!) by Mr. L.Williams from Oswestry and Mr. Richard Hughes from Mold who both recorded weights of 11 lbs 10 oz. Congratulations go to all those who are mentioned.
A little bit away from fishing I would also like to congratulate a number of our rangers and other members of staff who scaled the summit of Tryfan on Saturday in order to raise money for Water Aid. This is a very worthy charity as they provide access to clean drinking water for many people who live in conditions that are far removed from those that most of us in the Western world enjoy. It does tend to put life into perspective when you witness the lives of other people and it does make one feel very humble when you actually think that we can go fishing for sport in this country and the fish that we catch can either be kept and probably put in the freezer or given to a friend or returned to the lake but for many people in the world that fish would be a life line and can be the difference between life or death and we must never forget that. It does seem to be a very unjust and unfair world that allows such a disparity in the lives of its people.
On a more positive note we are looking forward to the Trout League that will be recommencing on Sunday June 21st  and also on Saturday June 14th there will be a chance to ‘Try the Fly’ for any budding angler who would like to learn more about the dark arts of fly fishing.
The hot spots this week have been Sailing Club Bay, Tower Bay and the Brenig Arm.
Top flies have been diawl bach, cat’s whiskers, damsel, nymphs, orange fritz and claret dabbler. 


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