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We all know that as soon as the schools restart for the autumn term the sun starts shining and this week has been no exception as we have enjoyed a really glorious week at Llyn Brenig. The skies have been blue, the southerly winds have been light and the sunsets have been glorious with the sun sinking majestically in the West whilst a full moon rises like a Phoenix over the lake, bathing it in a silver caress. The top of the water temperature is still around the 15 degree C mark and has even risen slightly as the week has progressed. The warm temperature has meant that there is plenty of dry fly fishing to be enjoyed as the fish are still frequenting the upper level of the water. The rod average for this week has been 3.8 fish per angler, slightly down on the last few weeks and perhaps reflecting the fact that the fishing hasn’t been quite as easy as in the previous few weeks due to the lack of cloud cover. However there are plenty of fish in the lake and they have been seen rising all over the lake during the week. The lowering of the lake level has now reached its maximum and after this month it will start to rise again which will please one fisherman who commented that because the lake has less water in it we should be charging half the price as he believes the fishing has been affected. This is a novel idea and one that I don’t think Welsh Water will subscribe to; on the contrary the less water there is the more concentrated the fish are and therefore we should be charging double the price!! Seriously though in all honesty the lowering of the water doesn’t seem to have affected the fishing in an adverse way and the catch returns do reflect this.
The quality of the fish being caught is still high with some very good bags and individual fish being recorded. The biggest bag this week, which weighed in at 14 lbs 4 oz, was recorded by Mr. N. Milner and the biggest fish was a fantastic 4 lb 4oz Rainbow whose captor came into the shop to have his picture taken but who forgot to leave his catch return with his name, so, unfortunately, he remains anonymous. On Thursday the annual ‘Blue Light’ fishing competition took place at Llyn Brenig. This is a competition between the Police, the Ambulance Service and the Fire Service and was won by the Ambulance Service although one policeman was overheard to say to his friend, ‘there’s something a little fishy going on here constable!’ The top rod of 19 fish went to Mr. Gareth Evans from the Ambulance Service.
The premier event of the week was the completion of the Welsh Senior Trials which took place over the weekend. This was the culmination of the selection procedure and the final chance to secure a place on the Welsh team. On Saturday the top rod went to Bob Mayers from Llandegfedd who caught 15 fish and on Sunday the top rod was claimed by Paul Sharman also from Llandegfedd who caught an incredible 22 fish! We are also extremely proud to see that Mark Evans, a Ranger at the Brenig, secured his selection on the Welsh team by catching 8 fish on the Sunday and coming in 7th place. Congratulations to Mark and to all those fishermen who have been selected to represent Wales.
This week we are looking forward to the Four Nations Autumn International which will be taking place on Friday September 12th. This is one of the most prestigious events in the fishing calendar and one that is much anticipated by all who are involved in fishing. The lake was stocked with over 1200 fish on Sunday evening in preparation for this competition.
The hot spots this week have been the Brenig Arm, Nant Glyn, Hafod Lom and along the dam wall.
The top flies for the week have been dries, heather fly, daddy long legs, zulu, nymphs and buzzers.
With the days starting to shorten and the specter of autumn approaching one must make the most of the coming weeks and pull on those waders, grab your fishing rods and make haste to the water’s edge in order to enjoy another great day of fishing.
The main gates will be shutting at 7.00 pm this week and all boats need to be back on the jetty by 6.30 pm.


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