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Although not the ideal weather for the sun worshipper, this week has seen some ideal weather for the fisherman at Llyn Brenig with generally Southerly winds, some overcast skies and a good chop on the water. By the end of the week we were awaiting the arrival of Hurricane Bertha as she made her destructive journey across the Atlantic but in the end it was a bit like Samuel Beckett’s ‘Waiting for Godot’ as Big Bertha, thankfully, never arrived. The water temperature has remained at a warm 18 degrees C and this has seen the fish occupying the top three feet of water. The other good news for the fishermen is that the Heather fly is now out and this will lead to some excellent top water fishing.
I must say that this week has seen a plethora of positive comments about the fishing with Mr. James Mitchell from Glyn Ceiriog best summing it up when he wrote ,‘What a pleasure, great fish, well done’ although Mr. Sinton from Nannerch did make me chuckle when he commented, ‘ Back cast needs improving!’ Well, as they say, practice makes perfect and if he perseveres I am sure that he will soon become the Rory Mcllroy of fly fishing.
The big event of the weekend was the Anglian Water Airflo Welsh Final which took place on Sunday. The competitors arrived with a sense of trepidation as they awaited the arrival of Big Bertha but as it turned out it was a perfect day for fishing. There were forty eight competitors representing eight teams with the top three teams going through to the British final. By the end of the day 391 fish had been caught with a fantastic rod average of 8.15 fish per angler. The top rod was Wayne Jones with twenty two fish and a bag weight of 43 lbs and ½ oz. Wayne helped his team Welsh Hawks secure first place with Nymph-a-Maniacs coming in second and Harvey Angling Margam finishing in third place. The best fish was a ‘cracking’ 4 lbs 2 ¾ oz Rainbow caught by Paul Evans fishing for Team Drifters.  So overall an excellent day was had by all and reaffirms Brenig’s position as a world class venue for fly fishing.
Last week also saw The North Wales Police take to the water and once again they enjoyed a fine day of fishing with a rod average of 4.9 fish per angler. The top rod went to Colin Jones who bagged himself twelve fish.
There has been a general feel good factor as far as the fishing is concerned over the last week and it is some small comfort as the world seems to be embroiled in turmoil as we see humanitarian disasters on our TV screens almost every day. It does make you wonder as we enjoy the peace and tranquility of Llyn Brenig why the world cannot live in peace and harmony and why we are so self- destructive but that is another story.
The rod average outside of the competitions has been a very respectable 4.0 fish per angler and I feel it is important to highlight the work of the fish farmers Stefano and Jack who make all this possible. They do feel the weight of responsibility on their shoulders especially when big competitions are taking place and it is to their credit that the lake is fishing so well and that the competitions run so smoothly. The biggest fish caught this week was by Gareth Dean from Rhuddlan and weighed in at 3 lbs 10 oz. The top bag of 12 lbs 12 oz was claimed by one of our regulars Tony Newall. Congratulations go to all those who have been mentioned.
The hot spots this week have definitely been the top of the Brenig Arm, Bryn Maen down to Barrow Island, Ring of Stones and Water Sports Bay.
 Top flies are Muddlers, Daddy Long Legs, Heather fly and Cats Whiskers.
The Welsh Senior Trials will be taking place this coming Saturday and Sunday and are eagerly awaited especially by our own Ranger Mark Evans to whom we send our best wishes.
The main gates will be shut at 8.15 pm this week and all boats need to be back on the jetty by 7.45 pm.


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