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Report week ending 12th April

Sun, sun and more sun has been the story of Llyn Brenig this week with beautiful warm days and clear blue skies turning the lake into a Mediterranean paradise for all of those who have been enjoying their Easter break. However, as all those who are regular visitors to the Brenig know there is always a sting in the tail and Sunday turned that Mediterranean paradise into an Icelandic tundra as a bitterly cold wind swept across the lake like an avenging angel churning the water into a sea of white horses. So from a pleasant balmy week of relaxed and easy fishing we had a day when the jetty was locked and we had to inform those few boat fishermen that had turned up that they would have to reconsider their day’s plans. Maybe a day in front of the TV watching the Manchester derby!! The water temperature has risen over the week due to the warmer weather and has reached 8 degrees C which means that the fish are moving ever closer to the top of the water. There are fish rising and by the end of the week they were being caught using a midge tip whereas earlier in the week a DI 5 sinking line was the more successful method.
Once again the rod average has been very good and, although slightly down on the previous two weeks, it is still at a very creditable 5.1 fish per angler. Without wanting to repeat myself from the last few weeks I have to say once again that the fish have not only been plentiful but they have also been of an excellent quality as well with a number of fish of over 4 lbs being caught. Both Mr. Simon Edwards and Mr. Paul Gibbon from Broughton caught a rainbow that tipped the scales at over 4 lbs but the biggest fish of the week was caught by Mr. S. Bethell from Abergele which weighed in at 4 lbs 9 oz. Mr. Bethell also landed a 3 lb 4 oz brown trout. There does seem to be more and more brown trout being caught which augurs well for the brown trout population and it is good to see the revival of this indigenous fish in the lake. The top bag of the week which weighed in at 15 lbs 10 oz was caught by Mr. Emrys Jones from Llandudno Junction. Congratulations to all those mentioned.
 As the weather continues to improve we are starting to see a lot more fishermen coming to the lake but it is not only the weather that is the motivating factor but also the increasing reputation of the lake. Good news spreads fast and fishermen are once more talking about Llyn Brenig as one of the best fishing lakes in the United Kingdom. They do say that there is no such thing as bad publicity but in the fishing world this isn’t true as fishermen soon hear about where the best and the worst places are to fish. Llyn Brenig is now certainly one of the best.
Top flies this week have been buzzers, gold head damsel, pink fritz, cat’s whiskers, nymphs, diawl bach and viva.
The lake has been fishing well in all areas but if one had to pick out the hot spots it would have to be Nant Glyn and the coves.
As the Easter holidays draw to a close and most people return to work and school the Brenig will slip quietly back into its cocoon of peace and tranquillity as the birds and wild life test the air and, once the crowds have gone, they will go back to their merry game of life.
The main gates will close at 7.30 pm this week.


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