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Report Week Ending 14th June.

Llyn Brenig enjoyed a period of much warmer weather this week and despite the forecast predicting gloom and doom the weekend also turned out to be quite pleasant as well; although one did get the sense that a storm was brewing on the horizon but fortunately it never materialized. The warmer weather has had an almost instant impact on the water temperature which has risen to over 13 degrees C over the week which is a rise of almost 2 degrees in a few days. This will obviously encourage the fish to seek the higher water which in turn should lead to some good top of the water sport for the fishermen. We are fast approaching the longest day of the year and, with the finer weather finally arriving, what better way is there than to spend an evening fishing at the Brenig. With the fish rising on the shimmering water and the sun slowly sinking behind the hills bathing the lake in golden beams of light whilst the birds glide across the lake seeking a resting place for the night and the fishing line snaking out across the water as all the cares of the day slip away. Who could wish for more!? 
The weather conditions have in all honesty been ideal for fishing on a number of days this week with the air temperature rising as well as the increasing water temperature coupled with some cloud cover. This has been borne out by an excellent rod average of 5.2 fish per angler. The top fish this week with a weight of 3 lbs 7 oz was claimed by Mr. Steve Harper whilst the heaviest bag of the week goes to Mr. Dave Gilbert from Llanrwst whose bag weighed in at 14 lbs 2 oz. A number of other fishermen have commented positively on their days fishing as well with Mr. D. Griffiths from Wrexham writing about another wonderful day at the Brenig and Mr. A. McDonnell from Denbigh simply saying ‘superb’. The Brenig is indeed an unique fishing venue as it combines both the feeling of being in a wild and untamed environment yet it has excellent facilities as well so that one minute you can be battling with the elements on the North shore with wild life all around you and 10 minutes later you can drive down to the centre, sit in a warm café and enjoy a full English breakfast and a nice cup of tea. 
The hot spots for fishing this week have been the Ring of Stones, Sailing Club Bay and Tower Bay and for boat fishermen the Dam wall has been fishing well.
The top flies this week have been cat’s whiskers, orange fritz, sedge, nymphs, hares ear, montana, dabbler and diawl bach. Although one fishermen was nearer to the point when he wrote down on his catch return that he’d used a ‘sparkly thing with a gold head’!
At Llyn Alwen Mr. Jones from Flintshire reported that he had caught a mystery fish which he thought was a zander. This is a predatory fish and is not natural to the lake and we can only think that this has been introduced into the lake by a rogue fisherman. It is always a mistake to tamper with the natural balance of nature and from man’s history of meddling with the natural order of the environment we should be very wary of any such actions. We need only to remind ourselves of the cane toad in Australia and other such environmental disasters to realise that nature should be allowed to take its natural course.
This coming Sunday the Brenig Trout League is back in full swing and we are looking forward to some keen competition. Once more can I remind any would be fly fishermen that we have a ‘Try the Fly’ day on Monday July 20th.
The main gates will be closing at 9.00pm this week and all boats need to be back on the jetty by 8.15 pm.
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