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With the end of September rapidly approaching and the days beginning to appreciably shorten one would expect to see the weather take a turn for the worse but this is not the case; in fact we have been enjoying somewhat of an ‘Indian summer’ with plenty of sunshine and warm temperatures. This unexpected weather is set to last a little longer and will certainly be a real tonic and help to ease those long winter months that lie ahead. The water temperature has actually gone up this week and is hovering on the 16 degree C mark. The bright sunshine and mostly clear skies has tended to make the fishing a little more challenging during the week. However ‘what’s good for the goose isn’t always good for the gander’ and the contrast in the fortunes of fishermen is sometimes quite remarkable. This is highlighted by two fishermen the first of which wrote ‘the least enjoyable day that I’ve ever had!’ whilst the second fisherman commented, ‘My best day at the Brenig ever!’ The conclusion one can draw from this is that life and fishing are unpredictable and one day is never the same as the next but this is what makes both life and fishing so interesting.
The rod average this week is slightly down on the previous weeks and is 3.0 fish per angler. The biggest bag this week was 10 lbs 0 oz for 5 fish caught and was recorded by Mr. Andrew Kay. The best fish was a 3 lb 8 oz Rainbow and was caught by Mr. Ian Hartland from Staffordshire. I am glad to say that the anonymous fisherman from last week who caught a 4 lb 4 oz Rainbow can now be named as Mr. Richard Redfearn from Rhyl. Although we don’t often report on Llyn Alwen it does need a special mention this week as Mr. Wes Robinson from Peterborough caught a fantastic 5 lb 8 oz Rainbow using a daddy long legs and I’m pleased to say that the fish was returned to the lake to fight another day.
The story of this week though has to be the Four Nations Autumn International which took place on Friday. This is a much anticipated event in the fishing calendar and involves the top fishermen from the four nations. The fishermen had been practicing hard for three days before the final and were blessed with some glorious weather. I think that some of them had also been practicing hard at their bar skills in the evenings by the look of some of them first thing in the morning! The practice days had revealed that the best method was midge tip lines with hoppers and small boobies. However, as has already been said, nothing is predictable and by competition day the wind had moved to the South East and cooled down and this coupled with boat pressure had pushed the fish slightly down which resulted in the top rods catching on DI 3’s and DI 5’s with boobies. Also the fish had moved from the North end of the lake and were to be found around the fishing cages. After a hectic day of fierce competition the English team came in victorious with their captain Phil Dixon claiming the top rod of 19 fish. The Scots came a close second with Wales coming in third place and the Irish in fourth. The rod average for the competition was 5.25 fish per angler and the heaviest fish of 3 lbs 12 ¼ oz was caught by Wayne Jones from the Welsh team. Overall it was an excellent competition and reinforced Llyn Brenigs reputation as a contender for the best fly fishing venue in the UK.
The top flies this week have been daddy long legs, damsel, claret dabbler, muddler, haul a gwynt and cats whisker and coral boobies.
The hot spots for bank fishermen have been Nant Glyn, the Coves and Bryn Maen whilst the boat fishermen have found success in Water Sports Bay, the Sailing Club, Nant Glyn, the Coves and around the cages.
We are looking forward to the next round of the Trout League which will be taking place this Sunday. I would also like to remind fishermen that the lake will be closed for fishing on Thursday October 9th and Sunday November 16th due to the World Rally Championship.
The main gates will be shutting at 6.45 pm this week and all boats need to be back on the jetty by 6.00 pm.


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