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The weather this week at Llyn Brenig was like a fine wine, it started off a little cloudy, but it then settled and by the end of the week it burst forth into a feast of beautiful warm clear skies with a hint of the memory of those summer days of Ancient Britain when grapes where grown on the slopes of the Berwyn mountains. The last evening of the week was proclaimed by a mist which seeped off the hills and covered the lake in a hazy vapour like a curtain coming down at the end of a Shakespearean tragedy.  The wind was mainly from the South this week but it did shift towards the East by the end of the week. With the warmer air temperature and with the water temperature now standing at 13 degrees C there has been a lot of fish activity on top of the water as well as an increase in the hatches of fly. We have seen hatches of cinnamon sedges, coch-y-bonddu and green leaf weevil. This has led to an abundance of feed for the fish and has meant that it can be quite difficult to catch them as they have plenty of food choice and many fishermen have reported that they can see the fish moving but find it hard to hook them. The frustrations of fishing!!
The catch returns did make for some interesting reading with the theme of the week being the fact that two really nice brown trout were caught. It does seem to me that to catch a brown trout here at Llyn Brenig is the ultimate challenge for the fly fishermen as these fish are the wild fish of the lake. They are indigenous fish and as such have a special place in the ecology of the lake as to me they are the true ‘keepers of the lake’ as they have swum the streams and rivers of the area for thousands of years. Mr. Malcolm Rough landed a 2 lb brown trout in the Brenig Arm and to top even this feat Mr. J. Wilson from Ellesmere Port caught a truly magnificent ‘5 lb plus’ brownie also in the Brenig Arm. This is an amazing fish and I’m pleased to say that both fish were returned to the lake were they will hopefully continue to increase the brown trout population of the lake.
The rod average this week stands at a really pleasing 4.6 fish per angler and is well up on previous weeks. Again some excellent fish were caught with some really good sized bags. Mr. M. Roberts from Pwllheli, Mr. Steve Mercer from Farndon and Mr.Griffiths from Wrexham all caught fish of 3 lbs and over but Mr. A. Isaac from Ruthin landed the biggest rainbow of the week weighing in at 4 lbs 0 oz which is the best of the season so far. The heaviest bag this week of 16 lbs 7 oz was recorded by Mr. Chris Bradshaw from Wrexham.
We also welcomed the Aberaeron Angling Association to the Brenig this week. A member of the club was telling me that they have been coming here regularly for over 30 years but due to the onset of mother time when the mind is still willing but the old bones are less so their trips have become more infrequent. We hope that they will still be coming here for the next 30 years.
The top flies for this week have been sedges, nymphs, muddlers, hoppers, diawl bach and rhubarb and custard.
The ‘hot spots’ have generally been on the East side of the lake with Tower Bay, Nant Glyn shore and Hafod Lom Woods all having success.
The Scierra pairs fishing competition is taking place on Saturday June 21st. It is an open competition and there are still places available for anyone who would like to enter.
Don’t forget to make the most of this week as it will be the longest day on Saturday. It’s all downhill after that!!
Before I finish I must give a mention to the lone swan that returns to the Brenig every year to await his mate. Once more he is back and is again awaiting for the love of his life that tragically never comes. It is indeed a harsh but at the same time inspiring reminder of the ‘thin veil of tears’ that surrounds the lives of all of nature’s creatures.


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