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Brenig Report

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Report week ending 17th Aug.

The warmer sunny days of this summer at Llyn Brenig are fast receding and have been replaced by cloudier conditions and falling air temperatures. This week has seen some light to heavy showers with sunny spells and variable winds that have increased in force towards the end of the week. The conditions have indeed suited the fishermen and with the water temperature also falling to a more tolerable 16 degrees C the fishing has continued to be first class with the rod average standing at 3.8 fish per angler. The favorable conditions inspired both Mr. J. Owen and Mr. G. Land to concur that this week has seen ‘the best fly fishing so far this year’ with the fish being ‘unbelievably spirited’ and ‘hard fighting’. Mr. Paul Gibb, who did catch three fish, wrote ‘smart fish’ which makes one conclude that he either found it hard to entice the fish onto his hook or he lost a lot of fish or that he saw them answering questions on University Challenge!
The main focus this week has been on the Welsh Senior Trials which took place at the Brenig over the weekend. Friday was practice day and gave the competitors the promise of a good weekend ahead as the lake was fishing really well with the heather fly out and plenty of top water fishing taking place. The competitors worked out the best methods and the location of the fish was noted in preparation for their big day with a place on the Welsh team at stake. Saturday saw ideal conditions for fishing with overcast skies and a good ripple on the water. The competition started with the boats heading off at break neck speed towards the Brenig Arm, rods were at the ready and the eternal flame of hope was in their hearts. The end of the day saw the fishermen return with a very good rod average of 6.3 fish per angler with the top rod going to Alan Bramwell. It was a similar story on Sunday with good conditions and the promised gale force winds fortunately by passing the Brenig. Again the rod average was a very healthy 7.1 fish per angler and the top rod went to Geoff Thompson who recorded a catch of 16 fish. Our own ranger Mark Evans came a very respectable 7th place catching a total of 9 fish. Congratulations go to Mark and to all those others who took part in the competition. The final trial will take place in September and from there the members of the Welsh Team will be decided.
Outside of the competition it has been a busy week at the Brenig with a noticeable increase in the number of bank fishermen. They have been rewarded with some very good bags and some excellent fish. Mr. John King caught the biggest fish of the week which was an excellent 4 lb rainbow and Mr. Rhodri Wynne from Henllan recorded the biggest bag for six fish which weighed in at just over 13 lbs.
The hot spots this week have been the top of the Brenig Arm. Watersports Bay and Hafod Lom.
The top flies have been dry flies, daddy long legs, heather fly, nymphs, buzzers and black gnat.
The lake has continued to drop but it should reach its lowest point by the end of this month after which it should begin to fill up again. It doesn’t seem to have had a detrimental effect on the fishing and has made the lake far more accessible for bank fishing.
We are looking forward to hosting the World Rally Championship in September and it will obviously be a change in atmosphere as instead of the sounds of the curlew and the cries of the geese as they fly in perfect formation across the lake there will be the roar of highly tuned engines and the smell of burning rubber as competitors from all around the globe descend on the Brenig and shatter its tranquility. It should be an excellent spectacle though and will certainly attract a lot of interest. The lake will be closed to fishing on the day of the rally the date of which will be in the coming fishing reports.




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