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Report week ending 19th Oct.

This week the weather at Llyn Brenig has finally slipped into autumn mode after weeks of unseasonable conditions. With plenty of showers, overcast skies and occasional strong winds we can finally say that autumn has arrived. The prevailing wind has been mostly from the South-West bringing with it somewhat cooler temperatures and this has had an impact on the water temperature which has dropped down to 12 degrees C.  The fish as one would expect are starting to inhabit the deeper levels of the lake although as the temperature has risen slightly during the day fish have been caught at or near to the top of the water. The effect of the weather on the fishing is obviously critical and the conditions that have presented themselves this week have proved to be very favorable to the fishing with the rod average for the week standing at 5.5 fish per angler. There are still hatches of fly occurring and with plenty of cloud cover and still relatively mild water and air temperatures we can indeed expect the fishing to be productive.
There seems to be a direct correlation between the weather and the determination of fishermen in that as the weather conditions get worse the fishermen seem more determined to brave the elements and will stay on the bank or in the boat with the wind howling around their ears and the rain beating down on their heads whilst everyone else is scurrying for shelter. So with the fishing on the bank continuing until December 14th for the cost of £10 for 3 fish caught I expect to see plenty of fishermen struggling against the forces of nature and fighting against all that the Brenig can throw at them in order to pursue their passion for fishing.
 When collating the catch returns for this week I was delighted to see that a magnificent 5 lb 1 oz brown trout was caught and released by Mr. D. Tyler in the Brenig Arm. This is such good news as the brown trout is a wild fish and a native species and as such we are trying to encourage its repopulation of the lake.
The biggest rainbow this week was 2 lbs 5 oz and was landed by Mr. L. Williams whilst the biggest bag this week of 12 lbs 0 oz was recorded by Mr. Paul Bladen from Elton.  There have also been some amazing amounts of fish being caught with regular fisherman Mike Williams and his boat partner catching 36 fish to the boat and Mr. Tony Newall also having a fantastic day whilst fishing from the bank and catching fish as if they were going out of fashion.
The hot spots this week for both bank and boat fishermen have been the Visitors Centre, Sailing Club Bay, Watersports Bay and the Brenig Arm. Boat fishermen have also had a lot of success below the mound on the dam.
Top flies this week have been claret hopper, daddy long legs, pearly muddler, white tadpole and various boobies.
May I remind everyone that pike week is coming up shortly and will start on November 1st until November 4th and it is important that if you want to participate then you will need to book a boat. The cost is £55 for 2 anglers and a boat and £38 for 1 angler and a boat.
Can I also remind you that we are having a ‘Fur and Feather’ bank fishing competition on Sunday 9th November. A £20 entry fee will include a day’s fishing plus food and there will be prizes given at the end of the day for a number of categories. For more information and to book a place in the competition please contact Mr. Mark Evans at Llyn Brenig. (Tel: 01490 420463)
Amazingly there is only one weekend left this season for boat fishing. Time has certainly flown and the old adage that ‘time waits for no one’ is very true. Therefore one has to make the most of every moment and what better way to do it than by grabbing your fishing rod, putting that ‘gone fishing’ sign on the door and heading off to the Brenig for one last time.

The main gates will be shutting at 5.30 pm this week and all boats need to be back on the jetty by 4.45pm.


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