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Report Week Ending 29th June.

In keeping with the theme of the world cup this week the weather was a week of two halves, well not strictly true but you have to make the most of poetic licence. In fact it was more a week of three halves, if that’s possible, with a lovely start to the week, a miserable middle bit and a glorious ending – a little bit like the Brazil game against Chile!! The wind has again been predominantly from the North bringing with it quite changeable conditions. The water temperature has risen quite dramatically and is now at a very warm 18 degrees C. The way that the fish behave is a very delicate balance between a numbers of factors and the temperature of the water is one of those factors. At the moment the water temperature is quite high and this might make the fish a little sluggish and as a result their feeding patterns might well be affected. It’s a bit like us sitting on a beach in Acapulco under the blazing Mexican sun when a big meal is the last thing on our minds! This has had a bearing on this week’s fishing with the rod average of 2.6 fish per angler down on the previous few weeks. I think the fishing this week has been best summed up by Mr. Terry Coleman from Llanfairfechan when he commented, ‘North wind, bright sun, tough, one lost not much seen’! Say no more!!
Nevertheless every cloud does have a silver lining and Mr. P. James from Wrexham has saved the day by recording a tremendous Rainbow of 4 lbs 8 oz which he caught on a dry fly and even better he returned the fish back into the lake to fight another day. The biggest bag of the week was recorded by Mr. Tony Newall from Northwich for the second week running with a weight of 12 lbs 8 oz. I think Tony needs to share the secrets of his success.
This week has also seen a number of competitions taking place with the Police Regions, Llanilar Angling Association and the Trout League all enjoying the cut and thrust of competition fishing at the Brenig.  Llanilar AA held their Traditional trophy on Wednesday with their Regional competition taking place on Thursday. Wednesday proved to be quite a difficult day but Thursday saw a more productive day with anglers catching around Barrow Island and the Brenig Arm with the top bag being recorded by Mr. Ian Wood with a weight of 24 lbs 8 oz after time bonuses.
The eagerly awaited second round of the Trout League took place on Sunday. The bright sunshine meant that conditions were difficult unless you were looking to get a sun tan and very few competitors managed to get their six fish and therefore time bonuses were in short supply. After a long day the Brenig Cats came in first place, closely followed by Team Foxons and in third place came Welsh Hawks. This has changed the overall positions of the teams with Welsh Hawks and Brenig Cats now sharing the top spot.
With the lake continuing to drop due to maintenance work the topography of the lake is changing and boat fishermen need to be aware that there will now be some shelves and banks that will become exposed and these could cause a potential hazard.
Next Friday there is a charity event taking place at Llyn Brenig which will involve canoes on the water in the morning and fishermen are requested to use the main car park. On Saturday the Anglian Water North Wales heat will be taking place and all boats are booked out.
The top flies this week have been orange fritz, daddy long legs, Montana, muddler, hoppers, peach baby doll, orange blob and various boobies.
Hot spots have been Barrow Island (but be warned that over the next few weeks the back of the island will become very shallow), Brenig Arm and Sailing Club Bay.
As I was getting the boats in this morning I was thinking that sometimes the Brenig is like being in the Garden of Eden as the sun was shining, the water was tranquillity itself and a beautiful little Chaffinch sat on the end of the boat and fixed me with the eyes of a wise man.
The main gates will be shutting at 9.15 pm and all boats need to be back on the jetty by 8.30 pm.


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