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Report Week Ending 20th July

This is becoming predictable as I can once more report that Llyn Brenig has enjoyed another week of mostly fine weather. Is this the early onset of climate change or are we just getting lucky? We did have a severe weather warning for Saturday but despite preparing for the worst and expecting to be assailed by torrents of rain and hail and for the skies to be lit up like a blacksmiths furnace nothing of note materialized and in fact for those fishermen who were going to brave the elements regardless of the forecast we did have a good day for fishing. The wind this week has moved from the North to the East and has brought with it this excellent spell of warm and sunny weather. The surface water temperature has climbed steadily this week and is just under an incredible 20 degrees C. If it goes much higher then you won’t need to cook the fish when you get home as it will have already been done for you!!
Due to the very warm and humid conditions which have built up over the week the fishing has been particularly hard over the week end. This has been exacerbated by the large numbers of flying ants that have occurred during the week. This has meant that there has been plenty of food available to the fish and as a result they are less inclined to be tempted by the fly. The acidic nature of the ant has also meant that the fish, after gorging themselves on the ant, will suffer from the equivalent of our stomach ache and consequently they won’t feel like feeding for a while afterwards. The fish have been lying very high in the water and the fish that have been caught have often been caught on a floating line with dry flies.
This week has seen two main events; firstly the Welsh Trial for the Commonwealth team took place on Saturday and despite the predicted severe weather the day went well with Mike Williams finishing as the top rod with 9 fish caught. In second place came his boat partner Gareth Evans with 8 fish caught. For those who are picked for the team they will compete for Wales in Canada in 2016 and we wish them well. On Sunday the Brenig hosted a club competition for the North West Fly Fishers. Again the conditions weren’t particularly favorable but the participants seemed to enjoy a good day out and they all came back with smiles on their faces which was good to see. Mr. Burgess came out on top after catching six fish for a bag weight of 11 lbs. Mr. Morgan came in lucky 7th place (apparently there was a prize for this position – it’s a shame that they don’t recognize this in the World Cup as England may have a chance!) and he also received the award for the best fish which weighed in at 2 lbs 4 oz.
The rod average this week has been 3.2 fish per angler which is up on last week and does show that the first part of the week was quite favorable for fishing. Mr. Dave Gilbert recorded the top bag for the week with a catch weighing in at 14 lbs 2 oz. The biggest fish was a 3 lb 4 oz Rainbow and was caught by Mr. Farnworth from Crosby. Hot spots this week have tended to be around the Dam and the Visitors Centre and the top flies have been nymphs, dries, and lures.
The lake has now dropped nearly two meters due to work being carried out on the dam and this is bound to have had some impact on the fishing. There are still two meters to go before the lake will be at its lowest and this means that there will be many hazards around the lake. Already a number of fishermen have experienced this and have got too close to the shoreline and met up with a shelf that they were unaware of.
Next Friday and Saturday sees the return of the Lexus European Championships with the Friday being a qualifier for the individual final at Chew Valley and the Saturday sees the team qualifier for the final in the Midlands. Plenty of spaces are still available and if anyone wishes to enter could they please contact John Horsey or call Mark Evans at Llyn Brenig fishing shop on 01490 420 463. There are only three teams entered so far and with prizes on the day it is a great competition especially whilst the fish are on the dry fly!
The main gates will be shut at 8.45pm this week and all boats need to be back on the jetty by 8.15 pm.


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