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Report week ending 24th Aug.

As we approach the end of August and those butterflies start to flutter in the stomachs of teachers and students alike as the summer holidays begin to draw to a close, the weather at Llyn Brenig has reflected summers last throw of the dice. We have had a few rain showers and overcast skies intermingled with some beautiful sunny spells especially in the late afternoon and early evenings when the Brenig is seen in its best light as the lake shimmers in the golden glow of the late summer sun. The wind has been variable and both the air and water temperature have fallen quite significantly. However as they say ‘one man’s poison is another man’s medicine’ and although the weather hasn’t suited those who seek the pleasures that the sun can bring for the fisherman it has been a veritable feast of plenty. The week was summed up very eloquently by Mr. D. Oliver from Oswestry when he wrote,           ‘Electric surface action’,  and this was reinforced by one of our regular fisherman to these shores of ours when he said that he’d been waiting all year for the conditions that we were presented with this week. With plenty of fish in the water, the heather fly out in force, water temperature perfect for fishing, a good cloud cover, a predominantly Southerly wind and the fish fighting like Samurai warriors  it has been a fantastic week of fishing. The rod average for the week is an excellent 5.8 fish per angler which is the highest so far this year and reflects the brilliant week that has been enjoyed by the many fishermen that have visited the Brenig this week. Another of our regular fisherman to the Brenig who shall remain nameless but is not averse to calling a spade a spade and has even been known to call it a shovel was heard to comment that the fishing this week had been ‘perfect’; for one who is not shy of giving out a few ‘home truths’ this was praise indeed.
The top bag this week was recorded by Mr. Dave Gilbert whose bag weighed in at 14 lbs 4 oz and the biggest fish this week weighed in at just over 3 lbs and was caught by Mr. S.W. Mattock. Mr. J. Owen from Deganwy commented that he found the fish this week ‘far wiser’ than the last time he came here, which suggests that the fish have upped their game and have moved on from ‘University Challenge’ and will be competing on ‘Mastermind’ in the near future!
As the days are starting to draw in the half day afternoon ticket will now commence at 1 o’clock instead of 3 o’clock for the sum of £15 for a six fish catch.
The hot spots this week have mainly been at the North end of the lake. The main hot spots for the boat fishermen have been Nant Glyn, the Ring of Stones, around Barrow Island and the top of the Brenig Arm. Bank fishermen have found success at Nant Glyn, Hafod Lom and Bryn Maen.
The top flies this week have been daddy long legs, heather fly, bibio, zulu, cats whiskers, buzzers and nymphs and small dry flies.
The lake will soon be reaching its lowest point and after September it will begin to refill as the maintenance work will be finished. It has given the fishermen a good insight into the topography of the lake and I am sure that this knowledge will benefit them in the future.
The lake will be closed for fishing on Thursday October 9th due the launch of the World Rally Championship which will be taking place in November when again the lake will be closed to fishing.
It seems as if we are wishing our lives away and we mustn’t forget that there is still plenty of fishing ahead and hopefully the next few weeks will prove as good as last week. Time is a precious commodity and we must strive to appreciate every moment and make the most of it as our lives are but fleeting moments in time; so what better way to spend it than in the stunning and peaceful environment of Llyn Brenig as it embraces you in its unique and magical surroundings.


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