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Report Week ending 26th April

Apart from the Saturday which was very cold and rainy, this week at Llyn Brenig has seen some wonderful sunny and pleasant days. The wind has been variable but has been mostly from the North and there has been a chill in the wind as it has blown across the lake. However in the sheltered areas it has been quite warm. The water temperature has risen slightly over the week but is still at a fairly cool 8.2 degrees C. But alas winter is never far from the doors of Llyn Brenig and believe it or not on Saturday evening a brief flurry of snow descended on the shores of the lake .When it comes to Llyn Brenig, as a not so famous politician once said, ‘ expect the unexpected’!
Talking of the unexpected; over the last few weeks we have been noticing that the catch returns around the catch return box in the fisherman’s car park have been frequently ending up scattered upon the floor. We have been scratching our heads as to the cause and have been thinking maybe it is a disgruntled fisherman who has had a bad day at the office or some over enthusiastic children who have invented a new game of ‘upset the rangers’. However we decided that it could possibly be a more interesting explanation and after careful observation it was discovered that a little warbler ( No – it’s not Ned singing!!) was starting to nest in the box and was systematically tossing all the catch returns out with his beak – a quite remarkable sight and one which has been caught on video ( see Brenig’s Facebook page). So as a result the catch return box in question has been designated a site of scientific interest and a new catch return box will be placed in the fisherman’s car park for the use of fishermen barring the unlikely eventuality that the catch return boxes become the answer to our osprey nests! ( sorry that might be an ‘in’ joke!)
Well back to the fishing which has actually been very good once again this week although the rather chilly wind might have kept the fish a bit lower in the water and explains the slight fall in the rod average this week which is 5.2 fish per angler. The top fish this week of 3 lbs 2 oz is shared by David Roberts from Chirk and Gordon Farnworth from Crosby whilst the biggest bag of the week is 13 lbs 8 oz and was caught by Dave Gilbert from Llanrwst. We have also put a catch return box in the car park at Llyn Alwen and we would appreciate it if those anglers who fish in the Alwen will start to get into the habit of using the box unless of course it is taken over by a bird. We did have three catch returns from the Alwen which doesn’t give us a great idea about how it is fishing but based on those three catch returns the rod average is six fish per angler which sounds pretty impressive!!
The top flies this week have been nymphs, viva, montana, cat’s whiskers, cormorant,damsel and buzzers. The hot spots have been around the cages, the Dam, Water Sports Bay, Tower Bay, Duck Island and Brenig Arm.
 With the month of April slipping quietly into the realms of memory we can look forward to some fine days ahead at Llyn Brenig with those lovely long evenings when the Brenig is seen at its absolute best.
The main gates will be shut at 7.45 pm this week. 


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