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Brenig Report

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Report Week ending 26th Oct.

A week of very autumnal weather was experienced at Llyn Brenig this week with overcast skies, strong winds and intermittent rain. I suppose that it is true to say that it is much as one would expect for this time of year. However what is quite unusual is the generally very mild temperatures that we are having at the moment, a worry for the environmentalists but a bonus to the fishermen. The top of the water temperature this week has been 11 degrees C which is high for this time of year and compares very favorably with the previous two years when it had dropped to below 10 degrees C. The rod average for this week is 4.2 fish per angler which again compares favorably to previous years and can be explained by the generally good conditions that we have been experiencing. The fish are feeding in the top four to five feet of water although the older fish have been caught nearer to the surface whilst the more recently stocked fish have been caught at the deeper levels and can be caught on Di3 lines.
The end of the boat season is almost upon us and this week was the penultimate week for boat fishing. Despite some very blustery days when it was extremely difficult to take a boat out and fishing from a boat was restricted to the more sheltered parts of the lake there were some good catches for those who braved the elements and ventured out onto the lake. Mr. Ivor Jones from Llanrwst claimed the top bag for six fish caught recording a weight of 10 lbs 12 oz. The biggest fish was a 2 lb 8 oz rainbow and was caught by Mr. Mike Ashton from Welshpool. Many of our regular fishermen have had a really good season this year and have commented on how well the lake has fished and it was good to see regular Ned Thomas fulfill his season’s ambition and bag his 1,000 fish of the season. He is indeed the Don Bradman of fishing although Bradman’s batting average of 99.94 runs per innings is thankfully not under threat by Ned.
  As expected the number of fishermen coming to the lake is starting to tail off a bit as the days are starting to shorten and there is that end of the season feel in the air however there is still a week to go for boat fishing and bank fishing is continuing until December 14th at a cost of £10.50p for 3 fish caught; so in the words of the great Welsh poet Dylan Thomas who would be, remarkably, 100 years old this year, we must ‘rage rage against the dying of the light’ and carry on fishing right up until the bitter end.
The level of the lake is starting to rise slowly and if we have the average rainfall over the winter it could well be on or near back to its natural level by the start of the new season. The lowering of the lake has given fishermen greater access to the lake although it can be a little treacherous as one fisherman found out when he unfortunately slipped and took an early bath. But generally the lower lake level hasn’t had a detrimental effect on the fishing.

The top flies this week have been daddy long legs, cat’s whiskers, claret dabbler, green nymph, sedge, yellow dancer and various boobies.

Hot spots for the boats have been limited this week due to some strong winds and have been restricted to the more sheltered southern and western sides of the lake which have included Tower Bay, the Visitors Centre, Sailing Club Bay and Water Sports bay.
Bank fishing has also tended to be on the Western side of the lake around the Visitors Centre and Water Sports bay.

One fisherman who shall remain nameless was, I think or shall I say I hope, trying to wind me up by telling me that he had caught a two pound Grayling in the Arm. It was more likely that he’d caught a ‘red herring’ in the leg!
Next weekend sees the start of ‘pike week’. We have had a fantastic response to this event this year and we are looking forward to a great few days of fishing.

The main gates will be shutting at 5.00pm this week and all boats need to be back on the jetty by 4.15 pm.


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