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Brenig Report

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A week of very pleasant and calm weather was enjoyed by all who visited Llyn Brenig this week. There was however a cold Easterly wind blowing across the lake for much of the week which kept the water temperature down. In the more sheltered areas of the lake it stayed surprisingly warm and it is often quite a revelation when you move away from the land and onto the lake to find what a difference there is between the two in terms of wind speed and temperature. The cooler water did mean that the fish stayed deep in the water for much of the week but there were some fish that were caught on the dry fly which suggests that they did venture into the upper water levels. Although the fish might have been feeling the effects of the Easterly wind it was a different story for our wildlife friends who seemed to be out in force as they enjoyed those sheltered sunny spots. I’m particularly referring to a number of adders that were seen around the lake. One was spotted down by the jetty, although I don’t think it was planning on going fishing, and was expertly caught by Ranger Paul ‘Crocodile Dundee’ Cawley before being released back into the forest. With wardens from the Environment agency checking on rod licenses during the week fishermen had to be on the alert from getting bitten from all sides!

Mr. Shaw from Rhos-on-Sea commented that the fish that he caught were ‘the best rainbows in years’ and Mr. Griffiths from Wrexham perhaps summed up the experience of many fishermen who come here when he said ‘a very enjoyable day away from it all’. I suppose that that is one of the main benefits of fishing in that you can escape the daily grind and simply enjoy the peace and quiet of the lake whilst pursuing your passion for fishing.

Indeed it was a reasonable week of fishing with the rod average standing at 3.9 fish per angler which considering the fact that an East wind is seen as the worst wind for fishing is not a bad average. One or two of the regulars had some excellent days on the boat with Mr. Tony Newall and his boat partner catching 24 fish to the boat! The top bag for the week goes to Mr. Ivor Jones from Llanrwst who recorded a weight of 16 lbs 4 oz but it was heartening to hear that Rooney More who is 10 years old recorded a bag total of 14 lbs 6 oz for 6 fish caught. I hope that he will still be pulling in the fish when he reaches Ivor’s age. The biggest fish of the week was recorded by Mr. R. Hain who caught a 3 lb 12 oz rainbow. Congratulations go to all those mentioned.

With the East wind dominating the weeks proceedings it seemed that the West side of the lake was the best place to catch fish with Watersports Bay and Sailing Club Bay being quite productive. However Thursday did see a reversal of fortunes with lots of fish rising in Tower Bay.

The Top flies this week are black gnat, black lure, Diawl bach, cats whiskers fritz and buzzers.

The roads around the lake do cause some consternation to the fishermen due to the ongoing problem of pot holes. We are in the process of addressing this issue and are working hard on filling them in. However due to the fact that large amounts of timber have to be transported along the roads it is difficult to keep them well maintained. The good news is that before the World Rally championships in November the road along the East side of the lake will be getting a complete makeover.

The main gates will be shut at 8.15 pm this week and all boats need to be back on the jetty by 7.30 pm.

Tight Lines

Jim Jenkins

Seasonal Ranger


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