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First of all let me first apologise as the poetic maestro, and highly consistent writer of each weeks report, Jim Jenkins is away, and as readers you might need to lower the usual standards for this report. But rest assured that this sub standard report is only temporary as he will be back soon.
The summer so far has been a good one, the sun has been with us here at Brenig for weeks on end, and indeed across the country, with lakes such as Chew Valley peaking at 26 Degrees Celsius! This make us fortunate up here as the reservoir has depths of 150 feet, meaning that it takes longer than many to heat up, saying this temperatures of 20 degrees C have been recorded in the top 3 foot on our mountaintop Reservoir. Although the late night rainfall might balance things out once more.
The commonwealth games have heated up the spectators of Britain, and Brenig hasn’t been quiet on the competition scene for the past week either. Friday saw the annual return of the Lexus European Individual Heat and Team Heat in Wales. Anglers had prepared, 14 individuals took to the water on the Friday, fishing for the top 3 places qualification. They were met with bright sunshine and an easterly wind, not a favourite for local anglers. Incredibly though, when the clock struck at 6pm, and all competitors were on the jetty, it was clear the Brenig trout had been willing. After the weigh in, it was announced that the rod average for the day had been a staggering 6.00 fish per angler! No one had prepared for this, soaring temperatures coupled with the easterly wind, yet one of the highest rod averages the Lexus has witnessed! Top rod was Stuart Fraser who caught 13 fish for 25lb 10oz, Ken Llewellyn was 2nd with 12, and Andrew Esplin 3rd with 11 of Brenigs speckled trout. The day after saw the Team heat, and much to peoples surprise only 3 teams of 6 had entered. All had a look at the weather forecast, overcast was the promise, and dry fly was the expectation, for some. That day became a mystery, top anglers from across Wales and indeed England competed for a rod average of 2.9! How two days can be so different, but as the saying goes yesterdays history tomorrows a mystery. Although congratulations must go to the Nymphamaniacs for winning the team heat and to Gareth Jones of that team for being top rod on the Saturday day with 11 fish, and also to Team Foxons on also qualifying in 2nd place being the only team not to have a member blank (not catch any fish).
Sunday saw the Llanilar AA come up for one of their club competitions, one of the friendliest an angler can experience. Mr. Bevan and O’Donovan came for an outing on the Wednesday prior to the club competition, Tony was so pleased with the fishing standard he made sure that the staff knew that in his opinion Brenig is one of the best fisheries in the UK, and that it would be hard for any water to produce as well as Brenig has in this bright sunshine, a compliment gratefully received from all the staff.
Heaviest bag of the week goes to Mr. D. Horan from Llanrwst who recorded a 6 fish bag limit of 13lb 8oz, with the heaviest being 2lb 8oz, but this week’s heaviest fish goes to Mr. R. L. Japheth of Caernarfon who landed a cracking Rainbow Trout of 3 ¼ lb. A credited mention must also go to Mr. Paul Bladen who recorded 3 fish for 8lb, are the fish farmers feeding them titanium pellets?
Top areas for the past week have been predominantly on the east shore, Tower Bay, Hafod Lom Woods and Ring Of Stones, with the Sailing Club producing a few bags also.
Even in the blistering sun the top methods have been intermediate lines with a washing line setup, Cat Whisker boobies, Buzzers, dry flies and Muddlers have accounted for many bank anglers.


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