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Brenig Report

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Report week ending 28th Sept.

Considering the time of year and the fact that we are now officially in the early days of autumn the weather here at Llyn Brenig has been remarkably pleasant. The mornings have tended to be a little overcast with a few very light showers but by the afternoon the clouds have cleared and the sun has broken through giving us mild and very agreeable conditions often culminating in glorious sunsets over the lake. The top water temperature has been around the 15 degree C mark and this, combined with the favourable weather conditions, has seen fish rising all over the lake and has resulted in some very decent fishing. The rod average for this week has been 3.0 fish per angler which, for the time of year, is a very reasonable return. As the season begins to draw to a close there will be a drop off with the fishing as the water begins to cool down and the natural food sources dwindle. However there is still a month of the season to go as far as the boat fishing is concerned and the lake is open until December 14th for bank fishermen. So don’t pack up your rods and put your gear in the attic just yet or promise your partner that you’ll be able to go shopping at the weekend as there is still plenty of enjoyment still to be had out on the lake.
The fish have continued to be of a good quality as testified to by one fisherman who wrote, ‘Great fighting fish and in superb condition’. The fighting quality that the Brenig fish display is not the stuff of legends but is a reality and one that is much appreciated by all who fish here as a large part of the fishing is the sport that the fish are able to provide and the rainbows of the Brenig certainly give the fishermen a run for their money. The top bag for this week was recorded by Mr. Mark Jones from Bangor with a weight of 11 lbs 8 oz for six fish caught. The top fish of the week was a 3 lb 8 oz rainbow landed by Mr. Eaves from the Wirral.
On Saturday Llyn Brenig played host to a club competition held by Llanilar Angling Association. A good day was enjoyed by all who took part and the results will follow in next week’s report.
Despite the fish being seen rising all over the lake this week catching them has been a different story and it certainly isn’t as easy as it sounds. The hot spots for this week have tended to be near the dam, Nant Glyn shore, Barrow Island and the Brenig Arm.
The top flies for the week have been orange fritz, claret dabbler, green nymph, daddy long legs, diawl bach and various boobies.

The last round of the Trout League will be taking place this Sunday and the final positions are going to be closely contested as a number of teams are still in the hunt for the top spot.

We are still taking bookings for ‘pike week’ which is a much anticipated event and will start on November 1st and will continue over the following week. The pike is a superb fish and one that can inspire both admiration and a certain trepidation within those who fish for it. There have been some absolute monsters caught in the past and I am sure that there are still plenty there waiting to pit their wits against those who seek to catch them.
The main gates will be sutting at 6.30 pm this week and all boats need to be back on the jetty by 5.45 pm.


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