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Brenig Report

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Report Week ending 31st Aug.

A week of variable weather was once again experienced at Llyn Brenig this week. There were intermittent showers and overcast skies with occasional strong winds but also when there were breaks in the cloud cover there were some warm some sunny spells. The wind has also been variable but has mostly come from the South West. The water temperature is hovering around the 14 degrees C mark and is an ideal temperature for the fish. With the heather still being in bloom and the heather fly still out it has once again been a good week for fishing. The fish are still lying in the top levels of the water and are still providing some excellent top water fishing.
The rod average this week has been 4.8 fish per angler which is once again an excellent return for the fishermen and reflects the strength of the fishing over the last few weeks. There have been some very good fish caught with a number of fish over 3 lbs recorded. Mr. Norman Davies from Bala landed the biggest fish of the week which weighed in at 3 lbs 14 oz. The biggest bag of the week of 12 lbs 8 oz was recorded by Mr. Tony Newall from Northwich.
Sunday saw the Llanilar Angling Association take to the water with Tony Bevan ending the day as the top rod after catching 20 fish. The rod average for the competition was 5.5 fish per angler.
There is a busy few weeks coming up at Llyn Brenig. The Senior Welsh Trials will be taking place this coming Saturday and Sunday and the following week sees the return of the Welsh Salmon and Trout Angling Association Autumn International with the two practice days scheduled on the Wednesday and Thursday and the competition day taking place on the Friday of September 12th. There will be teams competing from Wales, Ireland, Scotland and England with 14 members in each team.
This month also sees the recommencement of the penultimate round of the Trout League which has so far proved to be a very closely fought competition and there is still everything to play (or fish!) for.
The top flies this week have been the heather fly, daddy long legs, nymphs, zulu, hot head olive damsel, viva and small dry flies.
The hot spots have once more been at the North end of the lake with Nant Glyn, Barrow Island, Bryn Maen and the top of the Brenig Arm all providing excellent fishing.
There is an excellent programme this Monday and for the next two Mondays called ‘Gwlad Moc’ , or ‘Moc’s Country’, which explores the countryside through the eyes of Moc Morgan the president of the Welsh Salmon and Trout Angling Association. Moc is a regular visitor to the Brenig and has dedicated a life time to the promotion and to the art of fly fishing. It will be well worth a watch as, even if you aren’t interested in fishing, you will be captivated by Moc Morgan.
The pursuit of fishing does seem to be a life time’s passion for many people and once it takes hold of you it doesn’t seem to want to let go. Whatever you think about fishing it does provide a quiet place in people’s lives when they can forget about all their trials and tribulations and find a time of peace and calm. I always think that even if you don’t catch anything it doesn’t really matter as you have had a day away from the rat race of life. But perhaps I am in a minority of one!
May I remind you that the lake will be closed for fishing on Thursday October 9th and again on Sunday November 16th due to the World Rally Championship. Although it might put out a few fishermen I’m sure the fish will be delighted.

The main gates will close at 7.45 pm this week and all boats need to be back on the jetty by 7.00 pm.


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