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Brenig Report

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Report week ending 13th July

A week of generally fine weather was experienced at Llyn Brenig this week with some glorious sunshine and clear blue skies. The weekend was a little more overcast but as far as the weather goes we have had nothing to complain about for weeks, I’m sure that we will pay for it somewhere down the line but at the moment we need to just sit back, relax and make the most of it. When Abraham Lincoln famously said ‘you can please some of the people for some of the time but you can’t please all of the people for all of the time’ I think he was referring to the Fishermen at Llyn Brenig as whatever the weather there will always be someone to complain. If it’s too sunny the fish will be down, if it’s too cold the fish will still be down, if the wind is from the North the fish won’t be interested if the wind is from the East they still won’t be interested. If the wind is from the South and there’s a nice bit of cloud cover then there will be too many fish but if the wind turns and the clouds disappear then there won’t be enough fish. It’s a tough life!
The water temperature has remained at a steady 16 degrees C and the wind has again been from the North. This together, with the bright sunshine, seems to have brought the rod average down from last week to 2.8 fish per angler. Mr. Byrne wrote rather amusingly that, ‘One day I will catch a fish at the Brenig!’, considering that Mr. Byrne lives in Portsmouth it does seem a long way to come not to catch a fish! Another angler, Mr. A. Turner, wrote ‘broken rod stopped play’, but at least he had caught two fish before his unfortunate incident although I’m not sure how many catches he dropped! However for every disaster there is a triumph and Mr. Rigby from Helsby wrote ‘Great day’ after having a very profitable day and landing thirteen fish.  There were other success stories too with Mr. Horan from Llanrwst claiming the biggest bag of the week with a recorded catch of 12 lbs 6 oz for six fish caught.
The biggest fish this week has been shared by both Mr. Hughes from Mold and his boat partner who both caught a 4 lb Rainbow.
Again we had a very busy weekend with over 50 boats out on the water over the two days. Saturday saw the English Senior Loch Style international team (which will be competing at Llyn Brenig this September) practicing and they also came back on Sunday: they do say that practice makes perfect. Sunday saw the third round of the Brenig Trout League take place. Once again they found the fishing quite hard going and like the previous round time bonuses were in short supply. However the team from Welsh Hawks all collected time bonuses and came a very convincing first. Second place went to Crewetons and in third place where Team Foxons. This result has put Welsh Hawks into the overall lead with Crewetons in second place and Team Foxons and Brenig Cats in equal third.
Sunday also saw the Welsh Ladies National Trials taking place. I have often wondered why we refer to those that fish as ‘fishermen’ and it was nice to see the sport being represented by so many ladies. The old seamen of the past used to return to their homes after sailing the seven seas with stories of beautiful mermaids enticing them onto the rocks. I didn’t hear of any such stories on Sunday so I presume that everything went well! In fact the ladies did have an excellent day with Sandy Bevan claiming the top rod and in so doing increasing her status from mere legend to ‘super legend’.
The hot spots have been Sailing Club Bay, along the dam, outside the buoys of the cages, Tower Bay and the Visitors Centre. The top flies have been dries, boobies and nymphs.
This Saturday the trials for the Wales Commonwealth team will be held and the following week sees the Lexus Individual and Team heat taking place.

The main gates will be shut at 8.45 pm and all the boats need to be back on the jetty by 8.15 pm.


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