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Brenig Report

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A week of almost perfect weather was experienced at Llyn Brenig this week with only one or two days at the beginning of the week when the weather was rather challenging for the fishermen with strong winds that gave the impression that the lake was putting in a bid to be the location for the film ‘A Perfect Storm’. By the end of the week however it would have been more appropriate for the lake to have been the location for the film ‘The Beach’ as Sunday was spectacularly warm and sunny and it must have been a record breaking day as far as the temperature was concerned for the first day of November. What is good for the goose though is not always good for the gander as it may have been lovely for the walkers and cyclists to the Brenig but for the fishermen the bright sunlight does make the fishing quite difficult. The rod average for the week has been 3.6 fish per angler which is down on previous weeks but relatively speaking for this time of year it is still very good. The general consensus though for the week overall is that it hasn’t been a bad week with Ivor Jones and his son Mark perhaps summing the mood of the fishermen up very appropriately when they wrote, ‘A perfect end to an excellent season’ – it did perhaps help that Mark also claimed the top bag of the week with an excellent bag weight of 13 lbs 12 oz! The heaviest fish for the week was also a very healthy 3 lbs 12 oz which was caught by Mr. Geof Weir from Mold.

The top of the water temperature of 11degrees C this week is very high for this time of year and has kept the fish in the top two or three feet of water. 

As most of you know by now the fishing season is continuing right throughout the season which does make it seem a little strange not to be talking about an end of season. The Brenig in a way does have a natural ebb and flow to the fishing anyway with the cold winter weather usually making fishing nigh on impossible so there will be a time when there will perhaps be a natural rather than an imposed end to the fishing. However with the unnaturally warm weather that we have been having this autumn who knows when that natural end will arrive if at all. 

The first week of November is traditionally ‘Pike Week’ at the Brenig so Sunday saw the opening day of this now eagerly anticipated event. I think that this event is so looked forward to because firstly it is out of the ordinary and secondly it is because the idea of catching a large and fearsome looking fish appeals to some hidden primeval instinct that we have. The weather on Sunday was exceptionally warm in comparison to previous ‘Pike Weeks’ and the lake was flat calm with hardly a ripple which unfortunately are not the ideal conditions for enticing these predators of the deep out of their lairs and as a result the day proved to be a disappointment for those that had had such high hopes at the start of the day. Last year there had been some really impressive pike caught but this year the biggest pike which was caught by Mr. S. Carter was 8 lbs. Mr. Adam Szardkowski from Bradford also landed two pike of a similar size weighing in at just over 7 lbs. There were also a number of other smaller pike caught. Obviously the object of the day is to catch a pike but the real thrill is in catching a ‘big’ pike and unfortunately this was not accomplished. However there is still time as pike week continues until Wednesday and as I am writing this there could be a mammoth struggle going on out on the lake at this very minute between the most successful land predator on earth and the greatest lake predator of Llyn Brenig. Besides there is always next year! One thing that did impress me was how philosophical the pike fishermen were as they didn’t complain about their lack of success but just put it down to experience.

The top flies this week have been nymphs, damsels, viva, hares ear, sedge, orange fritz and diawl bach.

Hot spots have in truth been all around the lake with fish being seen and caught in all areas particularly, Sailing Club Bay, Tower Bay and along the Dam.

As this is the last fishing report until next March I would like to thank all those fishermen who have visited Llyn Brenig for their support for the lake, their good humour and for the fact that they see the lake as their lake and they make sure that they look after it. I also think that all the fishermen would like to thank Stefano and Jack, our two fish farmers, for helping to make this season such a good one. Have a great winters fishing and remember that you can still put that sign on your door – ‘Gone Fishing’.


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