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Brenig Report 02/4/17

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  Fishing and the weather are inextricably linked like sausages and mash or Abbott and Costello as the fortunes of one are dependent upon the fortunes of the other. This has definitely been the case this week at Llyn Brenig with the overcast skies and breezy conditions of the middle part of the week giving rise to some good fishing days whilst the blue skies and warm sunshine at the beginning and end of the week made it quite difficult to catch the fish. However even if the weather conditions favour the fisherman it doesn’t necessarily mean that the fisherman is having fun as Mr. Lee fishing for Wirral Game Fishing Club will testify to as he wrote ‘Rain in the afternoon, cold , so went home early!’ Discretion is often the better part of valour!

 With the water temperature still at a cool 6.5 degrees C and a cold wind blowing across the lake for much of the week the fish are still a few feet off the surface and an intermediate line or a Di 3 line has been the order of the day. With the week being quite erratic with regards to the weather there have been a few hatches of buzzers along the lake shore during the warmer days which has encouraged the use of natural flies.

  The week has once again seen some excellent catches with lots of fish of 4 lbs and over being caught. Mr.Chris Hyde caught two fish of 5lbs whilst Mr. Phil Wood from Bala caught a lovely 5lb 10oz rainbow which contributed to his total bag weight of 19lbs 10oz. Mr. Brian Davies from Aberystwyth caught a Rainbow weighing in at 6 lbs whilst Mr. Paul Gibb fishing for Wirral Game caught the two biggest fish of the week, one weighing in at 6lbs 4oz and the other topping even that coming in at 7lbs 8oz. Mr. Gibb also recorded the biggest bag of the week which tipped the scales at 20lbs 2oz. A splendid days fishing. The overall rod average for this week is 3.8 fish per angler which is a very good average and shows that the lake is fishing really well.

  The hot spots this week have been similar to last week with the Visitors Centre, Watersports Bay and the Sailing Club fishing well but also Nant Glyn shore proved very productive this week with one fisherman landing eighteen fish from the bank. Tower Bay has also fished well.

  The top flies have been buzzers, cat’s whiskers, viva, green and white fritz, damsel and various boobies.

  The Brenig ‘Monster Mash’ day will be taking place on April 29th when fishermen will be allowed to fish near to the cages where it is expected that some really big fish will be caught. There are only two more boats available so if you are interested then please contact the Visitors Centre as soon as possible. There will be another opportunity on September 23rd but again there are only four more boats available.

  Fishermen are notoriously the masters of exaggeration. If for example a fish manages to break their line or wriggles off the hook it is invariably a possible world record that has just slipped from their clutches. This seems to be in keeping with the political and journalistic climate of our times when news is apparently either fake news (According to the esteemed leader of the so called free world, Mr. D. Trump) misinformation or just plain lies. However we would like to think that the weekly fishing report is largely based on fact and by the way we are not colluding with the Russians over the recent ranger appointments made at the Brenig!

 The main gates will be shutting at 6.45 pm this week and all boats need to be back on the jetty by 6.00pm.

Tight Lines

Jim Jenkins – Seasonal Ranger

Mr. Phil Wood from Bala with a great days catch.

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