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Brenig report

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To describe this week at Llyn Brenig as gloriously unexpected would go some way in doing this week’s weather justice. The days took a little time to fully spark into life with some rather chilly and misty starts to the day but by mid-morning the sun began to break through bathing the lake in a warm late summer glow. Even so on the actual lake itself there was always a slightly chilly breeze blowing across it keeping the fish a little bit down in the water and the fishermen down in the boats! The water temperature as a result of the cooling wind has dropped down to 13 degrees C. The bright sunlight and the somewhat calmer water has made the fishing a little hard at times but when the conditions have been right the fishing picked up well and some fine fish have been caught. The rod average of 4.4 fish per angler is testament to this as is the fact that a number of fish of over 3 lbs have been caught. Inevitably fishing does bring with it its disappointments and in the words of Abraham Lincoln –‘you can please some fishermen all of the time, and all of the fishermen some of the time, but you cannot please all of the fishermen all of the time’ – well he was a keen fishermen when he wasn’t abolishing slavery. This theory is aptly illustrated by the comments this week from some of the fishermen. Mr. Griffiths from Wrexham, a regular contributor to this report (The man with the Jack Russell) commented that himself and 3 other fellow fishermen fished unsuccessfully for four hours before deciding that there were no fish in the lake whereas Mr. Ogilvie and Mr. Thomas commented on ‘a great fish day’ and ‘the best sport for a very long time’ respectively. So what conclusions can we draw from that? – Only that fishing is a funny old game and always unpredictable, which, I guess, can be applied to last weekend’s Rugby when the outcome of a game is never what we expect and that the Australians aren’t such a bad lot after all – although we won’t be supporting them this weekend!!

As I have said there have been a number of big fish caught this week with two rainbows tipping the scales at 4 lbs 0 oz. One was caught by Mr. Bowlas from Buckley and the other by Mr. Glyn Jones from Rhuddlan. The top bag this week was also a very healthy 12 lbs 4 oz which was recorded by Eifion from Bala. When there was a bit of a wind the best method was a daddy long legs pulled on a floating or a slow intermediate line. However bank anglers have reported that olive damsels in the top four feet of water have produced a good return.

Next Sunday, October 11th, will see the final round of the Brenig Trout League taking place. It will take a bit of a miracle for the Welsh Hawks, who are lying in first place to be caught by second place Brenig Cats but you know what cats are like when it comes to birds so the Hawks have been warned and they had better keep away from the claws of the Cats!

The top flies this week have been daddy long legs, damsel, orange fritz, diawl bach, cats’ whiskers, buzzers, viva and hopper.

With the wind blowing predominantly from the East this week the hot spots have tended to be on the West side of the lake with the Brenig Arm, Sailing Club Bay and Water sports Bay all fishing quite well. However fish have been caught in most parts of the lake with Hafod Lom being mentioned by a number of fishermen.

The days are definitely starting to draw in now and there is that inevitable feeling that winter isn’t too far away but this year there won’t be an end of season and fishing will continue right through only being closed in March for two weeks whilst stocking takes place. So this year there’s no need to hang up your waders or put the fishing gear on the top shelf of your cupboard as all you’ll need is your ‘Gone Fishing’ sign to hang on your front door.


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