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Brenig Report

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Another period of very pleasant weather was experienced at Llyn Brenig this week with some sunny days interspersed with a few days of overcast skies. We certainly can’t complain about the weather at the moment which generally goes against the British psyche as we do like to complain about the weather and have created an art form when it comes to talking about the weather. Light winds coupled with the cloud cover and a water temperature at an above average 13 degrees C have produced some very good fishing conditions and there are still fish to be caught using the dry fly such as daddy long legs and hoppers on a floating line but also there has been some success using an intermediate line pulling lures.

With the conditions proving to be so favourable this week it is of little surprise that the rod average has been maintained at a very healthy 4.3 fish per angler. Not only has the rod average been good but also the excellent quality of the fish has been commented on by many fishermen with some lovely fish being caught. Couple this with the fantastic fighting qualities of the fish and you have the perfect recipe for a great fishing experience.

The top fish this week was caught by Mr. Phil Manchester from St. Helens who landed a lovely 5 lb 0 oz Rainbow which is one of the heaviest fish this season. Not only have we had one of the biggest fish of the season caught this week but also one of the best bags of the season with Mr. Dave Gilbert from Colwyn Bay recording a bag of 15 lbs 4 oz for six fish caught. With the weather promising to hold for a few weeks more although the temperature is likely to drop there will be plenty of opportunities to come to the Brenig for a great day of fishing.

The top flies this week have been diawl bach, hoppers, damsel, cats whiskers, fritz, nymphs, cruncher, daddy long legs and other lures.

The hot spots have varied throughout the week with Sailing Club Bay, Tower Bay, the Dam all being very productive and the Brenig Arm fishing well over the weekend. 

This weekend certainly saw its fair share of drama and tension with the Welsh rugby team slugging it out with their old nemesis Australia and the Welsh football team attempting to make their own history. Whilst this drama was being acted out on the international stage Llyn Brenig had its own mini drama with the final round of the Trout League taking place. Could the Brenig Cats haul back the Welsh Hawks and snatch a dramatic last minute victory? Well at the end of the day it was all a bit of an anti - climax with the Welsh rugby team going down to the Australians in what has become a familiar story – so close but yet so far; the Welsh football team losing but after a brief moment of despair the realisation that they had indeed qualified and could now stand shoulder to shoulder with the past greats of John Charles and Ivor Allchurch and the Brenig Cats failing to overturn the Welsh Hawks and having to settle for second place with the Welsh Hawks claiming the title for the second year in succession. Overall third place went to TCF Falcons who did actually come in first place on the day. However whatever the outcome of sport be it fishing or rugby there will always be winners and losers and it is not always about how you win but also about how you lose; in the words of Rudyard Kipling, ‘If you can meet with Triumph and Disaster And treat those two impostors just the same Yours is the Earth and everything that’s in it and—which is more—you’ll be a Man, my son!’

The main gates will be shutting at 6.00 pm this week.


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