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Well here we go again – another year of fishing ahead and another set of weekly fishing reports designed to help to cure your insomnia. The official start to the new season took place on Saturday but unlike previous years this wasn’t as eagerly anticipated as before due to the fact that the fishing season never really stopped at the Brenig this year. However it was the start of the stocking season and as a result three thousand fish had been put into the lake last week which meant that the weekend saw some really excellent fishing. The only real disappointment was that we didn’t see the number of fishermen that we usually see on ‘opening day’ but I can guarantee that when word gets around the fishing fraternity regarding the quality of the fishing that was experienced over the weekend then we will be getting inundated with fishermen in the coming weeks. Many of those fishermen who did come on Saturday commented that it had been one of the best days of fishing that they had ever experienced with top quality, fighting fish the order of the day and an average bag weight of over 3 lbs a fish. Saturday was a particularly good day with all the conditions that one would want for a good days fishing in place with a lot of cloud cover, mild air temperatures, a Westerly wind and a lake fully stocked with prime fish. Sunday didn’t quite replicate Saturday’s conditions with the wind swinging to the East and brighter and clearer skies over head all of which meant that the fish were more reluctant to take the fly and as a consequence the bags were smaller in quantity but the quality remained just as high.
The rod average for this weekend was 3.9 fish per angler with Mr. Arthur Evans, from Mold, claiming the heaviest fish of the weekend, a fantastic 5 lbs 3 ounce Rainbow whilst the top bag of the week for six fish caught was a fantastic 22 lbs caught by Mr. M. Thomas from Rhos. Both Mr. Gareth Jones and his boat partner Mr. David Jones recorded bag weights of 21 lbs for six fish caught. However statistics don’t always tell the full story and there were indeed many stories to tell over the weekend with lots of fish of 4 lbs and over caught and  bag sizes that would have  been the top bag size on many occasions last year. It is true in all areas of life that statistics do mask the human dimensions of an event. When we quote the heaviest fish or the biggest bag we don’t see the circumstances in which these events occur, the missed fish, the cold hands, the joy of the catch, the aching back!! It is similar when we talk of people in statistical terms for example the number of refugees from Syria hides the heart ache and the suffering that these people endure on a daily basis.
As far as the hot spots were concerned this weekend it was definitely ‘a tale of two halves’ with the Northern part of the lake yielding few rewards whilst the Southern part of the lake was far more prolific in terms of the number of fish caught. Tower Bay, Water Sports Bay, Sailing Club Bay and the Dam all fished well.
The top flies were viva, cat’s whiskers, orange blob, orange fritz and various boobies.
There have been a few changes this year in terms of staffing and we would like to welcome two new members, Mr Paul Lonsdale who will be looking after the fishing and bicycle shop and Mr. Michael Martindale who will be working as a seasonal ranger. We would also like to congratulate Mr. Mark Evans who will be taking over the role of Commercial Coordinator from Ms Siwan Hughes who will be on maternity leave; we wish her well during this time. We would also like to welcome back all those visitors and fishermen who come here to enjoy the peace and tranquillity of Llyn Brenig and we look forward to enjoying another fantastic year of fishing.


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