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Brenig report

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A period of dry and cold conditions was experienced at Llyn Brenig this week with temperatures feeling as if they were never too far away from freezing. This was especially true on the lake itself as a cold Easterly wind predominated for most of the week and kept the water temperature at a cool 6.5 degrees C. This combined with fairly overcast skies kept the fish low in the water and a fast sinking line was the order of the day. At times when we see fishermen loaded down with gear we sometimes wonder why on earth they need so much equipment but it is necessary in order to respond to changing conditions and the right equipment can make the difference between a successful days fishing or returning home with nothing to show for your efforts. A case in point occurred this week with a fisherman who had forgotten to bring some of his tackle and only had a floating line with him and as a result he had an unsuccessful and a frustrating day as the fish were lying deep in the water. We live and learn!!  With the advent of Spring we should start to see some warmer weather coming our way and with it more favourable conditions for fishing.
They do say that an Easterly wind isn’t always the best for fishing but despite this the lake has continued to fish well this week and with a rod average of 4.3 fish per angler there can’t be too many fishermen who have gone home disappointed. The quality of the fish has also been excellent and with an average weight of well over 3 lbs there have been some really spectacular bags of fish caught. In fact one fisherman could hardly carry his bag of six fish to the car it was so heavy! With the bags being so good it goes without saying that there were some really nice individual fish caught with a number of fish tipping the scales at 5 lbs. The heaviest fish weighed in at 5 lbs 5 oz and was caught by Mr. Peter Phillips from Prestatyn whilst the biggest bag was a very impressive 24 lbs 6 oz and was recorded by Mr. Ben Wall from Wrexham. Mr. Rob Burgess from Llansannan probably best summed up the weeks fishing when he wrote, ‘Excellent fishing but really cold!’  Not only are there some fantastic stocked fish in the lake but there are also some really nice over wintered fish in the lake as well which adds to the variety of the fishing.
With the wind in the East for most of the week the fish have tended to be caught on the Western side of the lake with the hot spots being the Brenig Arm, Sailing Club Bay, Watersports Bay, the Visitors Centre and the Dam.
The top flies this week have been cats whiskers, Orange and Green fritz, viva, coral booby, black and green cormorant and damsel.
Once again this year we will be holding the Llyn Brenig Trout League. This has proved to be a very popular and friendly competition over the years and so far we have had six teams putting their name forward for this year’s competition. The format is for a team of four anglers with no entry fee and a £29 .00 fishing fee on the day. There will be generous prizes for the top three teams. There is still time to put your name down so if you would like to join in the fun or to get further details then please e mail Mark Evans at [email protected]
With the new stocking season barely begun we have already enjoyed some excellent fishing and with the spring weather hopefully on its way then we will be looking forward to another wonderful season ahead.  There is one thing that is always guaranteed when you visit Llyn Brenig and that is its sense of timelessness as, whatever life throws at us and whatever changes happen in our lives, when you come here you are always confronted by its never changing beauty and the feeling that no matter what, it will always be here offering up its peace and sense of harmony.


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