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Brenig Report 22/10/17

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 This week saw the arrival of storm Brian and hurricane Ophelia, a marriage made in the heavens and the union of two weather systems that impacted considerably on the shores of Llyn Brenig. Ophelia struck first, like Usain Bolt on caffeine, bringing with her gale force winds and whipping the lake into a frothing frenzy. There was no chance of the boats going out and it was just a question of battening down the hatches and riding out the storm. A brief respite followed before Brian decided to get in on the act which meant more high winds and torrential rain. Fortunately divorce proceedings followed and they both went on their separate ways never to be heard of again!

 As you can imagine the fishing this week took a bit of a back seat to the weather and to say that we had a quiet week on the fishing front would be an understatement.Still, as they say, the show must go on and we did have some intrepid fishermen who braved the elements and managed to get some fishing done. If truth be told we did see some calmer weather between the storms and, as Mr. Russ Naylor pointed out, we did get some perfect fishing weather, it was just that nobody had bothered to tell the fish.

 Life can be full of contradictions and statistics don’t always tell the full tale as with a rod average of 3.6 fish per angler it would appear that the fish did think it was perfect weather to be caught. However this has to be seen alongside the fact that the statistical sample this week was small and there were two days when there weren’t any boats on the water due to the difficult conditions.One observation that can be made with some confidence though is that it may be getting more difficult to catch the fish due to lower water temperatures and lower air pressure but the bigger fish definitely seem to be coming up from the deeper water in search of food. Mr. Tony Newall, a regular fisherman over many years, succeeded in catching the biggest fish that he had ever caught whilst fishing these waters, a beautiful 10lb Rainbow.

 One swallow doesn’t make a summer but two definitely make it more likely which means that with Mr. J. Wilson also catching a whopping Rainbow weighing in at 6lbs I rest my case! Talking of big fish don’t forget that Pike Week will begin on November 1and the boats are starting to go like hot cakes so if you would like to participate then please give the Visitors Centre a ring in order to reserve a boat.

 As for the biggest bag of the week and based upon limited statistical analysis but considerable empirical evidence (In other words I didn’t get many catch returns this week!) it appears that Mr. Gareth Dean recorded the top bag which weighed in at 12lbs 1oz.

 The top flies this week have been cormorant, orange fritz, gold head damsel, black gnat, viva and various blobs and boobies.The hot spots for boats have been Tower Bay, the Dam Wall, Hafod Lom and the Sailing Club. The bank fishermen have found success along the Visitors Centre shore,Tower Bay, Hafod Lom, Nant Glyn shore and the Ring of Stones.

May I also continue to remind all fishermen and visitors that the World Rally will be using the site on the following days:

  • 25th October (restricted access in the morning, alternative entrance will be in use)
  • 28th October (no access from 2.30pm)
  • 29th October (no access all day)

The main gates will be shutting at 5.30pm this week and all boats need to be back on the jetty by 4.45pm.

Tight Lines – Jim Jenkins, Seasonal Ranger

Weeks Top Facts:

Bank Fishing Hotspots

Visitors Centre shore, Tower Bay, Hafod Lom, Nant Glyn shore and the Ring of Stones.

Boat Fishing Hotspots

Tower Bay, the Dam Wall, Hafod Lom and the Sailing Club.

Top Flies

Cormorant, orange fritz, gold head damsel, black gnat, viva and various blobs and boobies.

Top Bag (For six fish caught)

12lbs 1oz - Mr. Gareth Dean.

Biggest Fish

10lbs 0oz – Mr. Tony Newall from Northwich.

Rod Average

3.6 fish per angler (Including fish returned).

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