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Brenig report

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This week at Llyn Brenig has once again been really pleasant with some lovely blue skies and light winds for most of the week. Autumn has certainly lived up to its billing this year as we always say that this time of year can be one of the most enjoyable times of the year with that crisp autumnal feel and brisk bracing air coupled with those gorgeous russet hues that cloak the countryside. Well we have had all of that and more this week and it has been a joyous time for all those who have had the pleasure of visiting the Brenig this week. The water temperature has dropped once again and is averaging out at 11.3 degrees C which has meant that the fish will be moving further down in the water. Despite the cooler water the fish are still feeding well with a surprising amount of fly life on the water’s surface for this time of year. As a result the rod average is still a very respectable 4.1 fish per angler. Although the lake won’t be stocked again until March there is still a very good head of fish in the lake with fish being seen in large numbers in all parts of the lake. Therefore if you are thinking of fishing during the winter months there will certainly be plenty of fish to catch and at £11 for a three fish catch limit you won’t need any more of an incentive to want to come fishing. The only thing that you will need to remember is to bring a hot drink and plenty of thermal underwear!! For those of you who would want to fish from a boat it will be necessary to book a boat at least one day before coming as there will be a limited number of boats available. As a result of the very favourable weather conditions and the unusual abundance of fly life the fishing has generally been good this week although there have been one or two days which have proved to be difficult. Mr. Dave Garside from Wirral Game Fishing Club for example had a really good day on Friday commenting on ‘a good days fishing and excellent fish’ whereas on Sunday a number of fisherman found the conditions fairly difficult with one or two going home empty handed. That’s fishing!! The biggest bag this week was recorded by Mr. Harry Wyn Owen from Talysarn and weighed in at 13lb 8oz for six fish caught. Mr. Owen also commented on the fact that the ‘fish are getting bigger’ and as if to prove the point there were a number of fish over 3lb that were caught with David Owen from Deganwy bagging two of them. However the biggest fish was recorded at 4lbs 0oz and was landed by Mr. D Carter from Crewe (Didn’t he also score a drop goal against South Africa or am I getting confused?!).

The lake has seen fish in most parts this week but the hot spots have tended to be on the Eastern side of the lake with Nantglyn shore, the Ring of Stones, Tower Bay and the Dam all fishing well.

The top flies of this week have been Diawl Bach, Damsel, Cormorant, Cats Whiskers and Daddy Longlegs.

Next week we will see the focus of the fishing change from the mercurial Rainbow Trout to those menacing looking Pike as ‘Pike Week’ will be up and running starting on the Sunday, November the 1st. So if you’re looking for monsters and fireworks as we approach Halloween and Bonfire Night then look no further as you will get all the monsters and fireworks as you could want when you go fishing for those ancient creatures of the deep. There is a very high demand for boats on the Sunday so it is important that you book a boat as soon as possible.


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