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Brenig Report

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A period of mainly dry but cold conditions was experienced at Llyn Brenig at the beginning of this week culminating, however, in a very mixed Bank Holiday weekend. Good Friday saw some very pleasant weather particularly in the morning which resulted in a very busy day of fishing with lots of boats on the water and a good number of anglers fishing from the bank. However that was as good as it got as the weather rapidly deteriorated over the weekend bringing wet and windy conditions which meant that the fishing was consigned to the back boiler and most fishermen didn’t venture further than their back door. Bank holiday Monday did see some improvement although the morning saw the ground covered in a thin layer of snow. This soon cleared but the day was mostly characterised by overcast skies and a cool breeze. With the water temperature at 7 degrees C, only rising slightly from last week, the fish have, once again, tended to stay well below the surface and the best method for catching them would have been on a fast sinking DI 5 line.
 The best of the fishing probably occurred in the early part of the week with some very good bags of fish recorded and an overall rod average of 4.0 fish per angler. Mr. Glyn Jones fishing with the Wirral Game Fishing Club recorded the biggest bag of the week with a weight of 22 lbs 10 oz for six fish caught. Mr. J. Moores, also from Wirral Game FC, caught a very good bag as well, weighing in at 22 lbs 8 oz which also included the heaviest fish of the week, a 4 lb 12 oz Rainbow. Again the fish that are coming out of the lake are of a very good quality with Mr. Stuart Morgan from Liverpool reflecting this when he wrote, ‘fantastic fish – keep it up!’ We will do our best! A number of fish of 4 lbs and over have been caught but the biggest aren’t always the best fighters, (Ask any boxer who ever fought Mike Tyson) although Mr. D Peers commented that the biggest fish that he caught, weighing in at 3 lbs 12 oz had ‘fought like warrior’. The fighting qualities of the ‘Brenig Rainbow’ is undoubtedly one of the main attractions of fishing at this lake as it seems that the Brenig trout do stand out as some of the top fighting fish in the country.
The North Wales police held a competition here on Thursday which saw some good fishing take place and some excellent fish being caught. The results will hopefully be published next week.
The wind has been quite changeable during this week but by the end of the week it had moved to the South West and this has meant that the hot spots have tended to vary over the week. The Dam, Tower Bay, Sailing Club Bay and the Brenig Arm have all fished well over the week but Mr. Roger Griffiths seemed to have a fantastic day fishing from Nant Glyn shore catching 14 fish in total, nearly all of which were 4 lbs or over. No wonder he wrote, ‘Great sport’. The moral of the tale is that you never really know where the fish might be and todays ‘hot spot’ can be tomorrows ‘blank’! The other fact to note is, obviously, the fantastic fish that were caught and how now is the time to make the most of the great fishing opportunities at the Brenig.
The top flies this week have been black lure, cat’s whiskers, various boobies, black tadpole, green damsel and orange fritz.
With the clocks going forward one hour there is definitely a feeling of optimism in the air for the return of some warmer weather and nice long summer evenings ahead. The return of the osprey is always a welcome sight and one was spotted this week at the North end of the lake. These remarkable birds are indeed a sight to behold and can truly claim the title of masters of fishing.
With the extra hour the main gates will now be closing at 6.45 pm and all boats need to be back on the jetty by 6 pm.


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